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Antique Maps -
    County Maps, Town Plans,
    Road, Rail & Canal,
    All Countries & Lands,
    Military Charts,
    Exploration & Discovery,
    Empire & Slavery,
    Sea & Coastal Charts,
    .... much, much more.

Antique Prints -
    Topographical, Views,
    Travel, Discovery,
    Natural History,
    Science, Astronomy,
    Industry, Invention,
    Anatomy, Surgery,
    Medical Instruments,
    Sport, Fashion, Music,
    Theatre, Professions,
    Comic, Illustrative,
    Satirical, Political,
    .... much, much more.

Printed Ephemera -
    Posters, Tables, Charts,
    Newspapers, Pamphlets,
    Advertisements, Bills,
    Bonds & Shares,
    Legal Contracts,
    Acts of Parliament,
    .... much, much more.