Past Pages     Payment Methods

(1)   PayPal.  Easiest and quickest.  

(2)   Credit Card,  Charge Card,  Debit Card  -  all via PayPal.
        You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this facility.
        This is the most secure method of using your card.
        You do not need to send me your card details.

(3)   British cheque (or check) from a British Bank in (GB pounds) made payable
        to 'Past Pages'.       email for forwarding address.
(4)  Money Order payable in (GB pounds) accepted by British banks or Post Offices.  
       It is your responsibility to ensure that your money order will be accepted, fee free,
       by British Banks.

(5)   Western Union money transfer.   No longer taken.

(6)   MoneyGram  International Money Transfer.   No longer taken.

(7)   Cash in either   (GB pounds),    Euros   or   US dollars.    
        These values will be rounded up to the next convenient note value
        (ie  33.50 Euros will become 35). 
        The exchange rate will be determined by the
        Universal Currency Exchanger      
        You must send cash by a registered and insured postal service that requires
         a signature at my end -  this is for your protection and safety. 
         Note that this is not a recommended method, the risk is all yours, and you
         should only consider this method if you have no other choice.

(8)    Domestic Electronic Transfer -  UK banks.   email for account details.

(9)    International Electronic Transfer -  Non-UK Banks.    email for account details.
Further details of these payment methods will be forwarded on request.


In all cases goods will be dispatched on clearance of full payment.
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