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This page lists newspaper cuttings, notices and advertisements found during various research efforts.  Some appear in other parts of this web site where they relate to a documented issue.    They may assist in further research and are listed in order of publication. 

These items have been sent from a multitude of contributors, and as such it has been difficult to establish some precise publication details.

Kentish Gazette  1784    Sale of properties in Pembury

Kentish Gazette  1784    Sale of properties in Pembury

Fletchers Farm Sale   1826
This suggests that the occupier and owner is Daniel Hartridge.
The sale below suggests the sale is due to the death of Mr I. S. Hartridge.

Sale of Fletchers Farm,  Brickhurst Farm and a cottage in Henwood Green Road        by Mr Hart        1826

Sussex Advertiser  16 Jan 1826     Bankruptcy of Benjamin Lewis

Brighton Gazette 26 April 1826     Bankruptcy of Benjamin Lewis

Sussex Advertiser  5 Feb 1827     Bankruptcy of Benjamin Lewis

1830   Pembury Cottage  to let

1830   Pembury Cottage  to let

Maidstone Journal & Kentish Advertiser      26 April 1831       Sale of Windmill at Lower Green

Maidstone Gazette & Kentish Courier  1832           Sale of Water Corn Mill  (Keyes Mill)   

1832     Sale of plots of land in Pembury

1832  (24 Aug)    Sale of plots of land in Pembury

Date unknown      Sale of Keyes Mill

1834    Pembury Cottage to let

14 Sept 1840         Sale of Knights Place

Maidstone Gazette  19 April 1842      Death of Jacob Dartnall  and sale of blacksmith forge

1843      John Bridger listed as keeper of Lower Green turnpike gate

1884      Sale of The Priory

1885    Prospect Villa

1891       Prospect Villa

18 Sept 1896        Sale of Hazeldene

Courier  2 Oct 1905     A Pembury Industry -  Brickmaking

Courier 1911      Part of Tonbridge Board of Guardians Report
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c1918 - 1920    Licenses for Foresters Arms and Swiss Cottage

c1918 - 1920    Licenses for Rising Sun and Swiss Cottage

The Courier  12 Sept 1919               Sale of The Foresters pub,  Romford Road

Kent & Sussex Courier 13 Oct 1922      Pembury Tragedy - Death of Percy Styles, killed by motor lorry.

19 May 1933       Funeral of Arthur Sturgeon   - of interest is the long list of Pembury residents.

c1934         The Cottage

1935      Closure of The Victor Motor Transport Company

5 Dec 1937   Wedding of Mabel Sturgeon  -  of interest is the long list of present givers.

1947      Destruction of Red Row,  Lower Green

1948                 Waghorn's Fish & Chips at Lower Green

Oct 1952        Beagles Wood Farm fire, Lower Green

1965        Camden Estate Sale

1971         Proposed development of Lower Green

Courier 2011                  New Pembury Sign

Newspaper Cuttings
Pembury History

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