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The images on this page have been donated by visitors to this web site.

This page is for old photos of Pembury thought not seen in other publications nor
generally available for public viewing. Most are from private or family collections.
This should be the only place they are displayed on the internet.

Every photo on this page has a B*** number for future reference.


Unidentified House in Pembury Donated by Osmund Bullock        B001
This is from a painting by Charles Tattershall Dodd in 1828, when he was 13, and inscribed “C T Dodd Pembury”
Dodd, born in Tunbridge Wells, never lived in Pembury, so it is assumed that Pembury indicates the subject matter.
The style and architecture does not match any existing house, nor any known image of a house in Pembury.
In late 2018 it was thought that this house might be an early instance of The Larches in the High Street.
See the Sunhill / Larches page under Buildings and Landmarks for more information.


Bo-Peep Stores 153 Hastings Rd. Donated by Mark Lawrence.       B002
Date Unknown. Early telephone number on sign.



Interior of St Peter’s Church, Hastings Road. Date unknown. Donated by John Evans      B003


Interior of St Peter’s Church, Hastings Road. Date unknown. Donated by John Evans      B004

More pictures of St Peter’ Church under ‘Buildings & Landmarks’ section.


St Peter’s with spire – pre 1984 Donated by John Hawker            B005


Dower House & Tonbridge Road c1972 Donated by David Doré               B006
For a full explanation of this image see the Dower House page in Buildings & Landmarks


Unidentified until 2019 – ‘The rear of a house thought to be in Pembury’            B007
Notable features:  foreground garden pond, incline toward house, fence & hedgerow to right indicating boundary,
house not detached at assumed boundary,  bowed projection with 3 windows,
width of building spanning at least 7 windows (3 in bowed section, 4 in straight section with 4 gables).

Donated by David Griggs, a relation of Margaret Carne who lived at the smithy on the green.

Identified in 2019 by David Hanes as possibly his house – 7 Lower Green Road.
This not a rear view, but the side view of 7 Lower Green Road, viewed from grounds now occupied by the
Catholic Church and houses further down Lower Green Road near a new road “The Green”.

Identified in 2020 by David Griggs as possibly a house in Catford, SE London – not Pembury.  Family history –
Richard Carne married Margaret in 1890 in Catford, SE London. Reception and party at Northbrook, 47 Catford Hill Road.
Richard died in 1891 and Margaret moved to Pembury. Kelly’s Directory shows Margaret at The Chestnuts from 1898 to 1924.
Margaret Carne died in 1934 and Henry Towner (Post Master & confectioner, High St.) is shown to be her nephew.
The house in the photo is thought to be Northbrook in Catford at the time of their marriage in 1890.
It is unclear if “The Chestnuts” was one of the houses situated on the village green close to the smithy.
Entries for The Chestnuts disappears from the Kelly’s Directory around the time the green was cleared of its buildings.




Rear of The Royal Oak during road construction for the new estate of
Beagles Wood, Petersfield, Batchelors                     B008
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Black Horse  1970s  with outside gents toilet on right                    B009
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Camden Arms  with corner door                         B010
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Camden Hotel and Garage    (white painted tile fascia)             B011
Donated by Melvyn Cole


The Camden Arms  with cafe adjoining the rear                     B012
Donated by Melvyn Cole


The Camden (previously Camden Hotel) with Whitbread sign and multiple doors.                 B013
Notice that ‘Hotel’ from ‘Camden Hotel’, over the central doorway, was been removed.
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Church Institute,  Royal Oak                  B014
An island being constructed where there was once a green. The Royal Oak owned by Whitbread Brewery,
previously Fremlins. Between the Royal Oak and the butchers shop a car emerging from the original
track to houses behind the Oak.
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Church Institute              B015
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Church Institute,    Lower Green                           B016
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Dower House, later council offices then Jarvis/Mercure hotels                      B017
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Downingbury Farm      c1980s                  B018
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Downingbury Farm        c1980s                 B019
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Downingbury Farm      c1970s              B020
Donated by Melvyn Cole


House near Hospital   ??                   B021
Donated by Melvyn Cole


King William, Hastings Road      c1970s               B022
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Opening of the cricket pavilion in 1913                B023
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Union Workhouse/Hospital Entrance              B024
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Hospital and Grounds                          B025
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Peters Cottages, Butcher’s shop.    Location of doctors’ surgery car park.                 B026
Donated by Melvyn Cole


WW2 Pillbox in the Pembury Walks area                B027
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Cherry orchard at Priory Farm, Romford Road  late 1960s              B028
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Royal Oak                             B029
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Square Deal Cafe, High Street  c1975               B030
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Pembury Church and War Memorial                 B031
Donated by Melvyn Cole


St Peter’s Church and grave yard                B032
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Rear view of Woodsgate Hotel                              B033
Donated by Melvyn Cole


The Vicarage in Lower Green Road   (south of the school)                     B034
Donated by David Hanes


Pembury Hall Cottage. 1966                                  B035
Donated by Dawn Moore

Pictures B035 to B040 donated by Dawn Moore (Bonneywell) are explained in her writings in the ‘Snippets’ page.


Pembury Hall Cottage 1966 from Lychgate of St Peters Old Church               B036
Donated by Dawn Moore


Pembury Hall Cottage shortly before it was demolished ? 1990’s               B037
Donated by Dawn Moore

Pembury Hall Cottage 1970’s . Pembury Hall Lodge in background                   B038
Donated by Dawn Moore


Pembury Hall Farm buildings . Late 1970’s .
No longer a dairy farm but a place that local children could spend a day with ponies .
Mr and Mrs Bob and Maureen Vinnie were living there then                           B039
Donated by Dawn Moore

The newly built dwelling on site of old Pembury Hall Cottage.                   B040
Donated by Dawn Moore


The Square Deal Cafe              B041
Donated by Lindsey Bennetts & Rosemary Foord (nee Taverner)



Fire at Pembury Hall                                B042
Donated by Graham Chantler  via Melvyn Cole.
For more Pembury Hall see the Pembury Hall page under Buildings & Landmarks / Houses




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Donated Photos - Buildings

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