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Donated Photos - Miscellaneous

The images on this page have been donated by visitors to this web site.

This page is for old photos of Pembury not seen in other publications nor
generally available for public viewing. Most are from private or family collections.
This should be the only place they are displayed on the internet.

Every photo on this page has a M*** number for future reference.



Cricket ground showing the old 1913 pavilion and a fence removed prior
to extending the ground in 1990                   M001
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Cricket Ground work party repairing the square at the end of the season                  M002
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Demolition of the old  1913 cricket pavilion  in 1991          M003
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Demolition of Cricket Pavilion        M004
The earlier changing rooms at the rear of the 1913 pavilion were demolished about 1990
and here a work party are digging the foundations for its replacement.
Donated by Melvyn Cole



The Milk Race  that came through the village in the late 1950s – 60s               M005
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Tunbridge Wells Fire Brigade At The Camden Hotel           M006
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Ernest Cole with his Petrol tanker outside his home in The Grove 1920s          M007
Donated by Melvyn Cole



View from the Old Coach Road  showing Cornford Farm        M008
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Church & Burial Ground                    M009
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Demolition of the Swimming Pool & buildings          M010
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Pembury children at the Woodsgate Swimming Pool          M011
Photo taken by the local newspaper in the early 1950s
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Pembury Flower Show 1926                Donated by Dee Chandler              M012
This photo also appears on the ‘People’ page.


Pembury Football Team  1948          Donated by Dee Chandler               M013


Old Church tomb/vault       Donated by Dee Chandler                   M014



Hills Butchers     Donated by Dee Chandler    Photo below has greater detail of butcher folk.             M015

See the Shops and Retail page for more detail of Hills Butcher shop.

Hills Butchers –  please make contact if you recognise anyone.                            M016

From a similar photo (P001) on the  ‘People’ page it is assumed that Mr Hills may be the gent with the moustache.



Pembury Reservoir Cleaning     c1964               M017
Donated by Lindsey Bennetts & Rosemary Foord (nee Taverner)


Burma Star Association  c1980s        Donated by Melvyn Cole          M018


Burma Star Association  c1980s           Donated by Melvyn Cole          M019


Pembury Swimming Pool  1957    Donated by Andrew Taft      Names           M020

Pembury Swimming Pool  1957    Donated by Andrew Taft      Names           M021

M022                                                                                 M023
Pembury Swimming Pool  1957      Names         Donated by Andrew Taft

Pembury Swimming Pool  1957    Donated by Andrew Taft          M024

Photos M020 to M024 from Andrew Taft were taken in 1957 as part of a school swimming sports day.
Every year the pupils from Ridgeways School, Wimbledon would travel to Pembury by coach for this event.
The striding gentleman in M020 is the headmaster.  Identities of others are unknown.

Pembury from the Air  1959       Donated by Robert Gritten      M025
Click here for a very large image

Donated Photos - Misc
Pembury History

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