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Localities - Hastings Road

The following maps show Hastings Road in some detail.     The road is split across two maps for each date.

Hastings Road –  c1865     West Above   East Below

Hastings Road – East   c1865


Hastings Road –  1897   West above,  East below      note:  W = well,  P = pump

Hastings Road – East 1897


Hastings Road –  1909     West above,  East below.

Hastings Road – East  1909
This suggests the development of Canterbury Road – only one side has designated garden plots.
By 1909 the P & W symbols for pumps and wells are not seen on maps, indicating piped water supplies.


Hastings Road –   West above,   East below  1938

Hastings Road –  1938    East
Note on the Eastern map what is modern Woodside Road is marked Romford Road.
Mary Standen’s village map of 1947 shows this as Workhouse Lane.



1963   western end of Hastings Road


Above:    Hastings Road c1930 from the fields to the south.


Tony Nicholls 2014, 2021

Localities - Hastings Road

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