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The table below contains links to maps that display various historical features of the parish.

001 Parish Boundary

These maps were produced in 2010 by Kathryn Franklin & Tony Nicholls in an attempt to show the extent of the Parish in ancient times and modern times.  Kathryn Franklin is best qualified to explain the profiles and changes.
Map of ancient boundary        Map of modern boundary         Map showing ancient & modern together.

002 Village Greens     The locations of the ‘Greens’ …. This old map (1819-1892) shows 4 Greens in Pembury  –
     Pembury Green, Lower Green, Henwards Green , Bopeep Green.
003 Parish map of 1966   (dated 1965)  From the Pembury Parish Guide 1966 by A.R.H. Baker    
Small Map      Large Map
004 Parish map of 1965  From the  Women’s Institute Scrap Book of 1965
005 Parish map from Mary Standen’s History of Pembury  1947       1947 Map
Note the location of the Waterloo Arms in Hastings Road and Woodside Road named “Workhouse Lane”.
Map 408 on the Localities / Hastings Road page shows Woodside Road named as “Romford Road” around 1938.Kathryn Franklin confirms that from 1822-1837 Stanton House was used as the Parish Workhouse until the Union Workhouse in Tonbridge Road took over responsibilities.  Woodside Road  must have retained the workhouse link for over 100 years in the minds of locals.
006 Northern part of Parish map from Edward Stanford’s folding map of 1872
Small size map       Medium size map         Large size map
007 Parish map showing contours, hills, valleys, streams and watercourses      Map link

Localities - Tonbridge Road

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