Pembury History

Old Maps  1720 - 1790

Old Maps of Pembury - 1720-1790

Compiled by Tony Nicholls.  Introduction -  Old Maps Showing Pembury

The following files are maps scanned in by Tony Nicholls.

Pembury Maps – General Maps – 1720-1790

These are sections of much larger maps, mostly of the county of Kent.     Click image for enlarged detail.

Title Map – Click to enlarge
Nicholas Bellin 1740. This is a French map, hence the wild spellings
Thomas Kitchen C1740. Pembury missing, but Copping Crouch present.
Thomas Kitchen Postal map – C1753.

‘Half Way House’ near Summer Hill – Vauxhall Inn.

Andrews and Drury (North) 1769
Andrews and Drury (South) 1769
Bowen 1770
Edward Hasted from Hasted’s History of Kent  
     C1780  Section from the general map of Kent
Hasted C1780    The eastern side of the Pembury

   From the Hasted map
        "A Map of The Hundred of Brenchley 
                                           and Horsemonden"
Hasted C1780 The central portion of the Pembury.

   From the Hasted map
        "A Map of The Hundred of Wachlingstone"
Hasted C1780    The western side of the Pembury

   From the Hasted map
        "A Map of the Lowry of Tunbridge".

  For some reason the Hundred of Tonbridge was
  known as a 'Lowry'
Hasted C1780  A digital composite of the 3
                                                       sectional parts.
The divisions reflect ancient administrative regions.
The boundaries do little to follow geographic or 
topographic features.  They date from very early times and were probably fuedal or for taxation purposes rather than for political or voting issues.

The Parish of Pembury is spread over three of
  these 'hundred's or ancient boroughs.
The county of Kent was initially divided into 4 'Lathes'. 
Each Lathe was further divided into 'Hundreds'.
These were later replaced and re-fashioned into Boroughs by the Victorians.

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Old Maps  1720 - 1790

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