Pembury History

Retail - References and Directories

  Reference Table

Most of these references were found at the public libraries in Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells

 PVN  Found from advertisments in old Pembury Village News

A.F Bruce  Butcher  –  ?? High  St    PVN Issue 12  1977
Colin Oakley  81 Hastings Road   Soft Furnishings   PVN Issue 12   1977
Camden Iron Mongers   14 – 18 High  St    PVN Issue 12   1977
A.C. Burnett  Pembury Newsagents    6  High St         PVN Issue 12   1977
VG Food Market  D. Betts   132  Henwood Green Road      PVN Issue 12   1977
Bo Peep Stores (Pat & Bob Wakeling)   153 Hastings Road     PVN Issue 16  1978
Wiseways     Meat, Bread, Groceries     81 Henwood Green Road     PVN Issue 16  1978
MRD Freezer Stores Ltd   Pembury Post Office  47 Hastings Road    PVN Issue 16  1978
Maid Marion Store  ( next to Post Office)   45 Hastings Road    PVN Issue 16  1978
Pembury Stores  89 Hastings Road   Mr & Mrs Shaw  Grocers, Baker         PVN Issue 16  1978
Derek & Daphne Betts  Florists & Greengrocers  124/126 Henwood Green Road     PVN Issue 17  1978
VG Food Market  D. Betts   132  Henwood Green Road      PVN Issue 21   1979
Florist & Greengrocer  Derek Betts   124-126  Henwood Green Road      PVN Issue 21   1979
Lower Green Post Office & Store & Off-License  A.C. & V.M. King      PVN Issue 21   1979
Pembury Car Sales Ltd      34 – 36 Hastings Road    PVN Issue 21  1979
J.H. Wilkinson   Chemist  5 High  St    PVN Issue 21  1979
J.H. Wilkinson   Chemist  5 High  St    PVN Issue 23  1980
Pembury Car Sales Ltd      34 – 36 Hastings Road    PVN Issue 23  1980
Prall, Champion & Prall   Surveyors & Estate Agents   8a High  St    PVN Issue 32  1982
Penn  Builder   13 High  St    PVN Issue 48  1986
Kent Radiator Services   13 High  St    PVN Issue 48  1986
Burton Solicitor  Penn House 13a High  St    PVN Issue 48  1986
Cobbs   Surveyors & Estate Agent    8a High  St    PVN Issue 48  1986
Ditchett    Chemist   5 High  St    PVN Issue 48  1986
Shelie’s Flowers  Shelie Green   7 High St    PVN Issue 102  2000
Headmasters formally Pembury Hair Studio   no address   PVN Issue 102  2000    (25 – 27 High  St)
Jerrom & Co  Chartered Accountants   13 High St   PVN Issue 102  2000
South Eastern Orthodontics – Denture Repair Service     29 High St   PVN Issue 110   2002
Cullen at Pembury  Chartered Accountants    13 High  St    PVN Issue 110    2002
Dawn Hodgson  Chiropodist       59 Lower Green Road    PVN Issue 110    2002


 1965 Business advertisements from the Pembury Women’s Institute Scrapbook 1965 (Courtesy of Janet Ditchett)

J.H. Wilkinson  Dispensing Chemist  5 High St
E.R. Walker  Draper, Bespoke Tailor, Mens Outfitter, Knitting & Wools   High St.
G.R. Wimsett – The Antique Shop  (opp Post Office)
M. Waghorne  Fishmonger  26 High St.
George Rideout  Family Grocer  29 High St.
H.A. & R.T. Chapman  Pembury Stores – Local Mace Grocer   89 Hastings Road
Winifred Seymour   Ladies & Children’s Outfitters    43 Hastings Road
Clark & Son  Purveyors of Finest Meat  214 Henwood Green Road
G.H. Baker  Henwood Stores  124-126 Henwood Green Road
G & D Martin Grocer – no address.
F. Fuller  Butcher   122 Henwood Green Road
G.S. Sturgeon  Coal & Coke Merchant – no address
G & F Penn Builders & Funeral Directors  no address
H.L Eldred  Newsagent, Tobacconist, Stationer, Confectioner, Lending Library  37 High St.
D.W. Betts  Grocer, Provisions, Beer, Wine, Spirits   Lower Green
Harding & Vaile  High Class Confectioners & Stationers  6 High Street
A Bruce   Family Butcher   High  St.
Marlene  Hair Stylist  9  High St
Unwins Ltd   Family Wine Merchants    10 High St

Notes & Extractions from the WI 1965 Scrapbook –

Extract 1
The village has 3 banks, 1 dry cleaner, 1 fish shop, coal merchant, 1 electrician, 1 lady’s hairdresser, 2 garages, 1 car salesroom.
Off License recently opened in the High St.
Lacking- Gent’s hairdresser, baker, cafe, shoe repairer.

Extract 2
There are 9 grocers shops, 1 small self service, 3 butchers, 2 Post Offices, 1 chemist, 2 builders, 1 undertaker, 1 ironmonger, 2 drapers & outfitters.

Extract 3
Where to Eat –  Camden Hotel,  The Priory,  Square Deal Cafe,  Woodsgate Transport Cafe


 1966  From Pembury Parish Guide  1966     Copy in Tunbridge Wells Reference Library –
 Copy also donated by Martin Petch

G.F Penn  Funeral Directors & Chapel of Rest
Harpers   Grocer   101 Hastings Road
A.B. Haywood   Post Office
A. Bruce  Family Butcher  23 High St.
Country Estates, House Agents,  8a High St
Kings    Post Office & Off License   Lower Green Rd
Clark & Sons  Butcher   Lower Green Road
Betts   Licensed Grocer   132  Henwood Green Road
Lido at Woodsgate

 Trade Directories & Local Directories
 1840  Extracts from the Pembury section of Pigot’s Directory of Kent, 1840


BELCHER Brymer Alex esq, Pembury
BURDEIN Miss, Pembury

COMMERFORD Charles esq, Pembury

WELCH Henry esq, Pembury

WHITTAKER George esq, Pembury

WILLIS Mrs Ann, Pembury

WOODGATE Rev Stephen, Pembury

FRY Thomas, Pembury
RHODES Thomas, Pembury

BARNES James, Pembury

NEALE William, Pembury


GOWER Elizabeth, Pembury


EMERY John, Pembury

GOWER Edward, Pembury


AUSTEN Benjamin, Pembury

MANWARING Wm & Jas. , Pembury

ASHBY Richard, Pembury

HOMEWOOD John, Pembury

STRANGE Edward Jeffrey, Pembury


BALDWIN James, Pembury

DICKENSON Stephen, Pembury


BUDGEN George, Pembury


Camden Arms, Richard Jeffery CLOUTE, Pembury
Royal Oak, Edward PAWLEY, Woodsgate, Pembury

VENESS Benjamin, Pembury


ADAMS Edward, baker, Pembury

HOMEWOOD Jane, milliner, Pembury

TOLHURST Stephen, corn dealer, Pembury

 1855  Post Office Directory  1855
 1858  Traders in Pembury in 1858 –  Melvilles Directory          Melville Directory 1858


Anderson, James, merchant
Ashby, Richard, miller and farmer
Baker, Daniel, shopkeeper
Baker, John, farmer
Baldwin, James, saddler
Batcheller, Thomas, farmer
Chittenden, Henry, licensed victualler
Coole, William, tailor
Cox, John, builder
Dadswell, D., hairdresser
Dakins, Edward S., surgeon
Farrance, Mrs., farmer
Fowle, Mrs. Adelaide, milliner
Fowle, John, tailor
Fry, Thomas, blacksmith
Faircloth, John, Camden Arms Inn and Posting House
Gower, Edward, carpenter and joiner
Hallett, Thomas, butcher
Hards, John, bricklayer
Homewood, Richard, carrier
Hodgkin, Jesse, builder
Martin, Mary, retailer of beer
Neal, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, post-office, stationer, and agent to the Provincial
Welsh Kre and Life Office, and the Peoples’ Provident Life Assurance Society
Noakes, Robert, farmer
Norwood, John B., farmer
Lucksford, Richard, farmer
Rhodes, Edward, blacksmith
Rumens, John, shopkeeper
Stevenson, Thomas, wheelwright
Tomsett, Alfred, shopkeeper; agent to the Manchester Eire and Life Office
Veness, Benjamin, farmer


 1878  Post Office Directory  1878 – Pembury Section
 1882  Kelly’s Directory  1882  

Listing for Pembury    Population of Pembury in 1881:      1409
School built in 1872  –  190 Boys & Girls, 80 infants  Thomas Letchford, master,  Miss Annie Painter, mistress.

Traders & Businesses

Post & Telegraph Office – Stephen Neale
Insurance Agents –  G. Penn (Manchester Fire),  T. Letcher (Lion Fire)
Carrier – Thomas Watkins
Tonbridge Union Workhouse (site of hospital) –
Rev. T. Dodd (chaplain)  Cabel Gregory (surgeon)  Mr McGill (master)  Mrs McGill ( matron)

Sarah Baker –  Fancy Repository
Geo Baldwin – Saddler & Harness Maker
Thomas Batcheller – Farmer
John Beckwith – Farmer
H. Beeching –  Grocer & Draper , Lower Green
Richard Bellingham – Parish Clerk
James Chantler – Bricklayer
James Clemetson – Baker
William Coole – Tailor
John Walter Cox – Carpenter
William Curd – Farmer, Allbons Farm
Emily Dadswell – Toy Dealer
Edward Drury – Wheelwright
Albert Eaton – Blacksmith
Rev W.H.A. Emra –  Prep School
Thomas Gibbs Farrant – Grocer & Dreaper
Alfred Freeman – Grocer , Lower Green
Caleb Gargory –   Surgeon
James Godfrey Guest  –  Grocer & Draper
Thomas Hallett  – Butcher
Nathaniel Hallett – Farmer,  Fletchers Farm
Robert Harris – Farmer , Pastheap
William Hickmott – Farmer, Dodhurst
Edward Jarvis – Coal Merchant
John Jarvis – Fruiterer & Fly Proprietor
Joseph Jessopp –  Farmer, Mays Farm
Sophia Jessopp – Grocer
James King – Alders   ( Alders pub ??  See Pembury Pubs)
Elizabeth McGregor – Camden Family Hotel
Stephen Neale – Boot & Shoe Maker,  and Postmaster
George & Frank Penn – Builders
Philip Peters – Royal Oak,  Brick Pipe, Tile, Pipe & Pottery Works
William Peacock – Beer Retailer   (Black Horse)
Thomas Playfoot – Grocer     (Kelly’s 1914 lists   Mrs Playfoot –  Grocer,  The Alders)
Thomas Quean, Farmer,  Three Towns Farm
Henry Ratcliffe – Plumber
William Rogers – Shopkeeper
Edward Sharpe – Farmer , Lower Green
George Shorter – Farmer,  Downingbury
James Smith – Shopkeeper
Thomas Stevenson –  Wheelwright & Smith
George Styles – Basket Maker
Zebudah Tindall – Hurdle Maker
George James Wallis – Farmer,  Amhurst
Ambrose West – Farmer,  Dundale
Stephen Walmer – Sec of Working Mens Club & Reading Room, Lower Green.


 1886  Kelly’s Directory  1886       Residential & Commercial entries
 1889  Kelly’s Directory  1889       Residential & Commercial entries
 1892  Kelly’s Directory  1892   Page 2    Residential & Commercial entries
 1894  Pikes Publicans    Section of Pike’s Directory containing Publicans of Pembury
 1898  Kelly’s Directory  1898   –    below a few selected listing for Pembury

Alfred Woods,  Baker
Mrs Grass,  beer retailer
Arthur Goodwin –  Royal Oak Inn
Harold Chapman,  Butcher,  Lower Green
Seymour Brothers,  Bakers
D. Collins,  Bootmaker
George Easterfield,  Beer retailer, Romford
G.T. Ellis,  Grocer,  Lower Green Road.


 1903  Kelly’s Directory 1903       Pembury Commercial Entries
 1904  Kelly’s Directory 1904       Pembury Commercial Entries
 1907  Pelton’s Directory             Pembury Commercial Entries
 1911  Kelly’s Directory 1911       Pembury Commercial Entries
 1912  Kelly’s Directory 1912    Page 2   Pembury  Residential & Commercial Entries
 1913  Kelly’s Directory 1913       Pembury Commercial Entries
 1914  Kelly’s Directory  1914           Page 1    Page 2    Page 3   Page 4

Listing for PemburyPopulation of Pembury in 1911:     1743 Tonbridge Rural District Infectious Diseases Hospital –
Cyril Crawford (medical officer)  Morton Graham ( supt)   Mrs F. Graham (matron)
Tonbridge Union Boys Home, Romford Road  –  Miss E. Haynes (matron)
Tonbridge Union Workhouse (site of hospital) –
William James Gane  (master)   Cyril Crawford (medical officer)  Bessie Gane (matron)  Miss E. Robb (supt nurse)
Cattle Market held fortnightly.   ( where in Pembury? )
Pembury Collector & Assessor of the King’s Taxes – Bertram Latter Playfoot of Lamberhurst.

Traders & Businesses

Patrick John Austin –  Veterinary Surgeon,  High St
Henry Beeching –  Grocer, Draper & Post Office
George Chantler –  Bricklayer
Arthur Chatfield – Insurance Agent, Lower Green
Daniel Collins  –  Bootmaker
Cyril Rodney Crawford – Physician & Surgeon
Charles Crouch – Butcher,  High St
William Curd  –  Famer, Romford
George Dell – Farmer, Romford
James Dous –   Bailiff
Edward Drury –  Wheelwright, Lower Green
Frederick John Easton –  Draper,  Fairlight Hs.
Albert Eaton – Blacksmith, Lower Green
Stephen Edwards – Blacksmith,  Lower Green
George Ellis – Potato Salesman & Dealer, Lower Green
Fritz Featherstone –  Grocer & Draper,  High St
Albert Fakes Field – Hardresser,  High St.
John Fuller –   Police Constable, Lower Green
Sidney Golds –  Heartease Coffee Tavern,  High St.
Charles Gower – Market Gardener, Albans Farm
James Godfrey Guest – Farmer , Pastheap
A. Harris –    Beer Retailer, Romford    ( Foresters Arms ??? )
John Hawkins –  Farmer , Bassetts Farm
Josiah Hoadley –  Butcher Lower Green
Edward Hobbs –  Farmer , Mays Farm
Thomas Hood –   Farmer,  Chalket Farm
Mrs H. Huggett –  Laundry,   Hastings Rd.
Charles Jackson – Royal Oak P.H.
Edward Jarvis – Coal Merchant, carman, furniture remover, Lower Gn. also Hon Sec Liberal Ass.
Frederick Jenner –   Beer Retailer       (King William IV)
George Martin & Sons – Furniture Removers
Edward Maynard –  Beer Retailer       (Black Horse) High St
Miss E. Maynard –  Dressmaker,  High St
William Nurden – Beer Retailer                 (132 Henwood Green Rd)
C.A. Peachey – Gardener , High St.
George & Frank Penn – Builders,  High St
Ernest George Penn – Poor Rate Collector, Clerk to Parish,  High St
Philip Peters – Brick Maker , Lower Gn.       (also associated with the Royal Oak)
Mrs Playfoot –  Grocer,  The Alders    ( see The Alders – Pembury Pubs)  (Kelly’s 1882 lists Thomas Playfoot, Grocer)
Eli Price – Tailor,  High St.
Henry Ratcliffe – Plumber,  High St
Ernest Reader – Farmer, Pippins
Frederick Rendell – Motor Car Engineer,  Hastings Rd.
William Rumary – Insurance Agent,  High St
John Saxby – Corn Merchant – Lower Gn
Owen Seymour – Junior Baker
William Seymour – Grocer, Hastings Rd
George Shorter – Farmer, Downingbury
David Smith – Farmer, Little Bayhall
Frank Smith – Farmer, Little Bayhall
J.S. Steer –  Farmer,  Dodhurst Fm.
Stone Court Brick & Tile Co, Lower Gn.
Ernest Tester – Shopkeeper,  Bo-Peep
Joseph Thompsett – Wheelwright & Smith
Henry Towner –  Geo Stationer & Post Office
Alfred Turner  –  Grocer,  Lower Gn.
John Vaughan – Farmer, Three Towns Fm.
Richard Charles Vaughan –  Camden Hotel, Hastings Rd  ( These days High St)
Arthur Thomas Verrells – Saddler
George Waghorn –  Sexton, Lower Gn. Also sec of Working Mens Club, Museum & Reading Room
Job Waters – Farmer, Slowery Farm, Romford
Julius Wilson – Farmer,  Heyswood Fm.
Alfred Henry Woods – Baker,  High St
John Young – Shopkeeper, Canterbury Rd.


 1916  Kelly’s Directory 1916      Pembury Commercial Entries
 1919  Kelly’s Directory 1919     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1924  Kelly’s Directory 1924     Pembury Commercial Entries  with some Residential.
 1927  Kelly’s Directory 1927a      1927b     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1931  Kelly’s Directory 1931     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1933  Kelly’s Directory 1933     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1934  Kelly’s Directory 1934     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1937  Kelly’s Directory 1937     Pembury Commercial Entries
 1938  Kelly’s Directory 1938    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1940  Kelly’s Directory 1940    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1948  Kelly’s Directory 1948    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1950  Kelly’s Directory 1950    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1955  Kelly’s Directory 1955    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1959  Kelly’s Directory 1959    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1961  Kelly’s Directory 1961    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1963  Kelly’s Directory 1963   Page 2  Pembury Commercial Entries
 1965  Kelly’s Directory 1965    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1968  Kelly’s Directory 1968   Page 2  Pembury Commercial Entries
 1970  Kelly’s Directory 1970    Pembury Commercial Entries
 1972  Kelly’s Directory 1972   Page 2  Pembury Commercial Entries
 1974  Kelly’s Directory 1974    Pembury Commercial Entries

 Advertisements from a cream coloured pamphlet in Tunbridge Wells Reference Library

Date unknown.   Street numbers not given.

C.F Lambert  Best Quality Ales, Stout, Cider    Lower Green Road
W. Hills  Family Butcher    High St
The Cottage Tea Rooms   Mrs K. Anderson   Main Hastings Road

  Link to List of Residents compiled from various Trade Directories

Pembury’s Early Telephone Numbers..
An attempt to marry together vague business addresses by a common telephone number.
The early telephone numbers were allocated as needed and ran from 1 upward.
Connection was via an operator at the exchange and a typical telephone number would be Pembury 12.
The automatic telephone exchanges introduced in the 1960s had full 4 digit numbers – here shown in [square braces].
These would still be known as the Pembury numbers – typically Pembury 2012.
The later digitisation of the number resulted in Pembury adopting 82 as an exchange number – typically 822012
It is possible to follow some businesses at the same premises from the continuity of the telephone number.
If a new business or occupant keeps an existing telephone account the number generally stays unchanged.
If there is a break in continuity the number is released and may later be used by a new account at a different location.
The best example of continued use of the same number is that of the Camden Hotel   12,  [2012],    822012
The last 2 or 3 digits of the new number sometimes hint at the old number, particularly with business continuity.

There is evidence of businesses sharing a common telephone number.  Shared lines reduced costs. The purpose of this exercise is to try and piece together some of the very vague addresses of the Pembury businesses.
Many businesses followed on at the same shop but with different owners and trading names.
It is convenient to look for grocers following grocers, butchers following butchers, etc, at the same address..
The list below shows the old telephone numbers and 1960s 4 digit numbers in [square braces] if known.
The list contains a mixture of telephone numbers for private, domestic and business.
Early directories have ‘Gentry’, ‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial’ listings.  Our list here contains all listings for early telephone numbers, but only business numbers for later years.
Later Directories do list the domestic telephone numbers for residents, but that is beyond the scope (and interest) of this exercise.
Of the Kelly’s Directories seen for this project the latest  Not showing telephone numbers is 1919. Earliest showing is 1927.
Peltons Directories show earlier telephone numbers than Kelly’s.
This may vary depending on how the directory is printed and issued.
They have been seen in at least 3 varieties for any given year – (1) as a large, Kent & Sussex edition, (2) as a Medium sized Kent edition,  (3) as a small Tunbridge Wells & Surrounding Villages edition.Multiple listings for the same number will reflect either a shared line or the transfer to a different owner at a different date.
The dates shown here indicate a single year that they were noted in a directory.
1       Alice Towner  stationer   Post Office   Kelly  1927
2       F. Featherstone,  grocer & draper,  High St.   Pelton 1907
2       Alfred Woods Baker     Kelly 1927
2       Dorrit Waterfield    doctor   Sheen  Hastings Rd    Kelly 1933
2       Reginald Warrener   dentist   Sheen, Hastings Rd    Kelly 1938  (shared facility at the same address)
3       Hills    butcher  High St    Kelly 1927         Bruce, butcher  [2013]
5       Cyril Crawford, surgeon,  The Spring     Pelton 1907
5       Jas. Wyper  doctor & surgeon    Kelly 1927
5       Raymond Chapman,  doctor & surgeon   Mulberry House, Hastings Rd   Kelly 1938, 1940   PO 1950
6       W. Mewburn,  Hawkwell Place     Pelton 1907
6       Kent College    Kelly  1940, 1959
7       Dr.C. Lees  Beech Bank.    Pelton  1907
7       Rt. Brown,  fruit grower,  Slowery    Kelly  1938
9       A. Turner,  Grocer,  Lower Green       Parish Mag 1958
10a   H. Crowther,  engineer, waterworks    Pelton  1907
10     Tunbridge Wells Water Works     Kelly 1927, 1938
11     Stone Court Brick & Tile Works     Kelly  1927, 1937
12     Camden Hotel    High St    Pelton  1907,   Kelly  1938, 1955       [2012]
13     Dr Gunton,  Stanton House    Pelton 1907
14      E.G. Foote   Pembury Court   PO  1935
15     G.F. Penn   High St       Pelton 1907, Kelly 1940    Parish Mag 1958     [2615]
15     Pembury  Estates  builders     Kelly  1938
16     Thomas Russell.  Window Cleaning Co.     Pelton  1907
19     Call Office, High Street. (Public call facility)     Pelton 1907
21     Mrs E. Poole,  Calder Cottage, Lower Green,     Pelton 1907
21     Lamberts   Grocer, off-license & general store   Kelly  1934,   Parish Mag 1947
21     A.W. Cross   Grocer,  Lower Green   Parish Mag 1958
21     Betts  greengrocer   132 Henwood Gn Rd    Kelly  1961   
22     Raiswell, Walter    grocer   High St       Kelly   1948,  1950    Parish Mag 1958
23     Rev Reg. Woodgate,  Pembury Hall.     Pelton 1907
25     Anstey’s Motors   3  High St     Kelly  1961
25     Brecknock Motors Ltd   motor agents    Kelly  1938,  Advert  1937
26     Brecknock Motors Ltd   motor agents    Advert  1937
26     Mrs Morgan,  Highfield     Pelton 1907
27     A.W. Foot  The Priory              1935  PO
31     Nanette Anne Banks,  Arnold Lodge, Henwood Gn Rd     P.O Directory 1911
31     Patrick Austin     Veterinary surgeon   The Poplars   Kelly   1927
32     Pembury Garage  (Raiswell & Ashby)    Kelly 1927
32     Neville Hasler   Pembury Garage      Kelly  1927
32     Rogers   Butcher  122 Henwood Gn Rd       Kelly  1959
32     H.N. Hasler Pembury Motor Garage     Kelly  1927
32     M. Waghorne Seafood & fishmonger   Lower Grn (32) & High St (88)     1950  Kelly’s Dir   also at Hastings Rd 1955 (310)
37     Beechings Stores & PO  Lower Gn    Kelly 1927   [2637]
39     Oakley Poultry Farm    Kelly  1927
39     George Russell   butcher  Lower Gn   Kelly 1938
40     H.E.W. Cooper  nurseryman   Kelly  1927
41     Sturgeon  coal & coke merchant   Kelly  1937     Pitts Farm House  1938
43      Frederick Rendell  motor engineer       Kelly  1927, 1938
46      H. Gardener       farmer,  Pippins   Kelly 1938
49     Miss Zoe Mordaunt  refreshment room Woodsgate      Kelly 1927
49     Woodsgate Road House  (Sidney West)    Kelly 1938       Pembury Hospital Post  1956
50     Leslie Milner  farmer,  Henwood Gn
51      Walter Grainger,  haulage     Kelly  1927         Lower Gn  1938
53      H.G. Sewell   doctor & surgeon   Hillcroft     Kelly 1938
54      F. May   builder   High St    Kelly 1938
56     Benj  Skinner  cafe  Grove Cottage    Kelly 1938
56     R.W. Farrington,  Dairyman,   Staplefrod, Stanam Rd    1949  PO
57      Joseph Feltham     poultry farmer    Kelly  1927
57      J. Boys Feltham    Homefield            1935,  1936  PO
63      W.T Ames  builder    Hill Crest, Hastings Rd      Kelly  1938    Parish Mag 1958
63     Mrs R. Victor Dalgliesh  The Lodge Private Guest House, Lower Gn. Rd    date unknown
66     Mrs G. Salter  dog breeder  Romford Farm House    Kelly 1938
72     Ernest Pool, Sanitary Inspector    Kelly  1927
78     Baggeson  ‘The Shack’     Kelly  1927
79     H.J. Etchchels   Cornford House,  Cornford Lane     1936  PO
80     Haywood Brothers   motor engineers     Kelly 1938
81     Fredrk Insoll    farmer,  Wellgrove Farm    Kelly 1938
88     Wm E. Wood  watchmaker  High St   1948 Kelly’s
88     M. Waghorne   Seafood & fishmonger  Lower Grn (32) & High St (88)    1950  Kelly’s Dir   also at Hastings Rd
89     Tapp   grocer    Kelly  1938  to 1955          Taken over by Harper 101 Hastings Rd [2989]
92     Tolhurst   confectioner & post office   29 Hastings Rd   Kelly  1938
92     Joseph Glendinning   chemist, wireless dealer & Post Office    High St 
         Tel Nos 92 & 96  Kelly’s  1933
92      A.B. Hayward, Post Office   Parish Mag  1947
96      Glendinning  chemist  Camden Corner     Kelly 1940          Wilkinson Chemist  [2896]
96      Joseph Glendinning   chemist, wireless dealer & Post Office    High St  Tel Nos 92 & 96  Kelly’s  1933, 1948
99     Pembury Glazed Tile Co,  Lower Gn    Kelly  1934, 1938
105    Roy S. Farrant     Lilliscote,  Lower Green     1935, 1936, 1941, 1948,  1949,   PO
106   Brookes  dairyman   Hastings Rd    Kelly   1948, 1950
107   Baggesons   nursery             Kelly   1838
114    Drury & Son  newsagents    High St     Kelly   1938,   1947, 1948, 1955
114    Giles confectioners   High St    Kelly 1955
115    F.W. Roberts   Downingbury Farm   Parish Mag  1947
121   E.R. Walker  Draper, Tailor, Outfitter.    Parish Mag 1958
124   Spurrell  Electroradio Works,  Lower Green    Kelly 1955    Henwood Gn Rd – 1938     1947
128   H. May   builder Henwood Gn Rd    Kelly  1955     Parish Mag 1958
130   Woodsgate Motors  no address      Kelly  1955         68 High St  Kelly 1959, 1961
134   Albert Cott  (Acott ?)  baker   High St    Kelly  1938
151   F.C. Chapman   Venture,  Lower Green    1951,  1952, 1953,  1954  PO
163    Farm Produce Co.  Frtrs     High St       1935  PO
169   S.J. Downham  bathroom fittings,  Stone Court Works, Lower Gn    Kelly  1950
183    Marlene  hairdresser  High St    Kelly  1950
187   Adams   baker  Hastings Rd    Kelly  1938
190   A.H. Price    Piano Tuner       1 Camden Ave.       Parish Mag  1947   Parish Mag 1958
195   Brecknock Motors Ltd   motor agents    Kelly  1938
218   W.E. Wood    Watchmaker, Jeweller,  High St.    Parish Mag  1947
220   F.A. Wheeler    haulage  Lower Gn Rd    Kelly   1938
221   Sturgeon   Henwood Gn Rd    Kelly  1940, 1955         Parish Mag 1958
222    R.L.  Fagg   Romford Road    1941,  1948   PO
241   Edward H. Chambers   Kosmos,  Henwodd Green Rd     1950, 1951, 1952, 1953  PO
299   Pembury Market Garden    High St      Kelly  1955
305   Mrs C.M. Chandos-Pole   Old Place,  Henwood Gn Rd   1950, 1951, 1952, 1953,  1954 PO     (110 Henwood Gn Rd)
305   G.J. Meade-Waldo-Van     Old Place, 110 Henwood Gn Rd     1960 to 1977 PO     (Later to become 2305)
307   Wimsett  antiques   Hastings Road      Kelly  1955
310   Waghorne  fishmonger  26 Hastings Road     Kelly  1955
314   Thomas Richardson    fruit grower  Longfield Farm, Kings Toll Rd     Kelly  1950
325   Chestnut Products  The Old Potteries,  Lower Gn Rd   Kelly  1950
329   Mansers   newsagents   High St   Kelly  1955           Luxford 37 High St    1959
349    K.N. Mercer  Kenilworth,  Amberleaze Drive                      1961  PO
352   Winifred Seymour  ladies outfitter   43  Hastings Rd    Kelly  1961Phone list additions by Jeni Beviere

Definitions of ancient trades found in trade directories
..Fly driver / Fly proprietor    A ‘fly’ was a basic 2 wheel, horse drawn cart, used for transporting people & goods.
..    A fly proprietor owned the carts & horses and employed drivers or rented out the fly.

 Notes  Notes and ramblings

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Woodsgate – location Woodsgate corner – roughly on the site of Texaco Garage or the road junction with the A264 North-East.
Mary Standon –  Pembury in Picture Postcards  p31 claims it was demolished in 1960
Mary Standon  –  A History of Pembury p44 claims it was demolished shortly after World War II  –   c1945 -1950 ?

Woodsgate Garage           From Mary Standen’s  A History of Pembury  p38
Much of the writing on this page does not make sense –

Further along the main Hastings Road toward Tonbridge was a posting house known as Woodsgate.
Even the 1912 postcards have the stretch of road at Woodsgate known as High Street, not Hastings Road.
It stood just on the side of the road on the ground just adjoining what is now the Woodsgate garage.
      Woodsgate was pulled down soon after the 2nd World War.
This does not agree with reports that Woodsgate was demolished in 1960.  Needs clarification.

Coates the Butcher at 46 High St

Penn – Builders  –  Penns Yard     From Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p17
G & F Penn  establ 1864  From Pembury Conservation Area Report 1998  p9
Pembury Parish Guide of 1966 has advert for G.F. Penn Funeral Director & Chapel of Rest.  Where was this?

Pembury Village News  No101, page 20,  in 2000 recalls that in 1960
“There were nine grocers,  three butchers, two newsagents, a draper, a ladies’ outfitter, a dairy,  two post offices …”

Wheelwright’s Shop – somewhere near the village green —  From Mary Standen’s  A History of Pembury  p37
on village green – demolished 1930   From Pembury Conservation Area Report 1998  p10

Pottery next to Royal Oak – Exact Location ??     closed in 1930    —  From Pembury Conservation Area Report 1998  p9
Stone Court Brick & Tile Company – Location ???   closed between 1939-1945    —  From Pembury Conservation Area Report 1998  p9

Much of Mary Standen’s ‘History of Pembury’ is badly written in terms of site locations – very vague and relies a lot on local knowledge at the time of writing.
Typical –  On the corner where the draper’s shop now stands was a forge, later used as a fire station.   No good to us in the 21st Century.
Slightly better than  Where the green wooden shop with hanging baskets used to be a …..  – but not much!
A warning to all attempting to write a local history –  don’t do it like this.

Several directory references indicate Playfoot, grocer, The Alders.   This is the grocers shop run by the Playfoot family in Alders Road, Capel.  This area was sometimes classified as being in the Parish of Pembury, and for postal purposes in Five Oak Green.  This shop is no longer deemed to be in Pembury, and is not included in these listings. For more details see the marvelous “Capel Explored” by the Capel History Society  2007.

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