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Sale Time !
This business will be closing down in April 2021

After 15 years of happy trading it's time to wind down, clear the stock, and spend the proceeds on some decent wine.
I plan selling the remaing stock at a reasonable discount, and the greater the quantity the better the deal.
The web site will be updated on every item sold, so please assume everything you see is still available.
The exception - items listed, but reserved for a recent customer, text will be 'greyed'.

A reasonable size purchase, over 100, can realise a 50% discount + the usual shipping fee.
Orders over 300 will not have the shipping fee.  Orders below 100 will only attract a 25% discount.      
Orders 20 or below will not be subject to discounts.       Discount rates are per order.

Orders over 500 may have higher than 50% discounts, subject to value and the nature of the stock.
(ie prints of ankles, legs & feet from the anatomy section could get 90% discounts!)

Sale has started.        email  Tony Nicholls for more information or a quotation.

           Plain old email               

Notice posted October 2020    -       Over 12,500 stock items to go.
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