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Help with Sizes and Margins

Typically a print or map may appear on the web site as above
In most cases the size given reflects what is shown on the illustration.
This indicates a typical plate size or the expected aperture in a mount or matt.

You may well get a larger piece of paper as shown below

This is the full size of the item with its full margins.
The full size of the paper is very rarely expressed on the web site.
The red line indicates the typical size expressed for most items.
ie size = 300 x 200 mm

The image below shows the definition of 'Margins'

Margins are the white space between the printed area and the edge of the paper.
Here the printed area is shown by the red border, and
the margins are shown by the green lines.
The margins are typically referred to as upper, lower, top, bottom, left, right, side, etc.
Tight margins indicate little or no surplus paper outside of the printed area.
This may be in any one, or all 4 directions.
The item's description will indicate the extent of limited margins.

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