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Portraits from
Harrison's edition of Rapin's History   1784 - 1787

These illustrations indicate the style of the portature.
Portrait sections are nominally  230 x 310 mm
Page size: 240 x 430 mm

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quantity: 1 - 4    £18.00 each   (+P&P)
quantity: 4 - 9    £15.00 each   (+P&P)
quantity: 10+     £12.00 each   (+P&P)


Ref No SSP001
Thomas Cromwell
Ref No SSP002
George Handel
Ref No SSP003
Isaac Newton
Ref No SSP004
John Milton
Ref No SSP005
King Charles II
Ref No SSP006
King Charles I
Ref No SSP007
King James I
Ref No SSP008
Benjamin Johnson
Ref No SSP009
Francis Bacon
Ref No SSP010
King William II
Ref No SSP011
King Henry I
Ref No SSP012
King Stephen
Ref No SSP013
King Henry II
Ref No SSP014
King Richard I
Ref No SSP015
King John
Ref No SSP016
King Henry III
Ref No SSP017
King Edward III
Ref No SSP018
King Edward II
Ref No SSP019
King Edward I
Ref No SSP020
King Richard II
Ref No SSP021
King Henry V
Ref No SSP022
Geoffery Chaucer
Ref No SSP023
King Henry IV
Ref No SSP024
King Henry VI
Ref No SSP025
King Edward IV
Ref No SSP026
King George I
Ref No SSP027
King William III
Ref No SSP028
Queen Mary
Ref No SSP029
King James II
Ref No SSP030
Ref No SSP031
Alfred The Great
Ref No SSP032
John, Duke of Marlborough
Ref No SSP033
King Canute
Ref No SSP034
King William I
Ref No SSP035
King Richard III
Ref No SSP036
King Edward V
Ref No SSP037
King Edward VI
Ref No SSP038
Mary, Queen of Scots
Ref No SSP039
Ann of Cleaves
Ref No SSP040
King Henry VIII
Ref No SSP041
Catherine of Arragon
Ref No SSP042
King Henry VII
Ref No SSP043
Queen Mary I
Ref No SSP044
Elizabeth (I)
Ref No SSP045
Francis Drake
Ref No SSP046
William Shakespeare
Ref No SSP047
Duchess of Manchester
Ref No SSP048
George Hamilton, Earl of Orkney
Ref No SSP049
Duchess of Grafton
Ref No SSP050
Countess of Ranelagh
Ref No SSP051
Edward Russel, Earl of Orford
Ref No SSP052
John Lord Somers
Ref No SSP053
William Lord Russel
Ref No SSP054
William Morice
Ref No SSP055
John Duke of Lauderdale
Ref No SSP056
Sir William Temple
Ref No SSP057
George Lord Digby, Earl of Bristol
Ref No SSP058
George Bing,  Lord Torrington
Ref No SSP059
Daniel Earl of Nottingham
Ref No SSP060
Joseph Addison
Ref No SSP061
George Saville
Ref No SSP062
William Duke of Gloucester
Ref No SSP063
William Waynfleet,  Bishop of Winchester
Ref No SSP064
Samuel Clarke,  DD
Ref No SSP065
Thomas Marquis of Wharton
Ref No SSP066
Robert Earl of Orford
Ref No SSP067
Samuel Garth  MD
Ref No SSP068
Alexander Pope
Ref No SSP069
Thomas Sydenham,  MD
Ref No SSP070
John Duke of Bedfoed
Ref No SSP071
John of Gaunt
Ref No SSP072
Cardinal Wolsey
Ref No SSP073
Charles Earl of Sunderland
Ref No SSP074
Archbishop Williams,  Lord Keeper
Ref No SSP075
Charles  Lord Talbot
Ref No SSP076
Edward Seymour
Ref No SSP077
Philip II, King of Spain
Ref No SSP078
Nicolas Bacon
Ref No SSP079
William Cecil,  Lord Burleigh
Ref No SSP080
Francis Russel,  Earl of Bedford
Ref No SSP081
Henry Lord Darnly, King of Scotland
Ref No SSP082
James Earl of Morton
Ref No SSP083
St Thomas Smyth
Ref No SSP084
Anne of Denmark
Ref No SSP085
Robert Devereux,  Earl of Essex
Ref No SSP086
Elizabeth Princess of Palestine
Ref No SSP087
Henry Prince of Wales,   Son of James I
Ref No SSP088
Countess of Essex
Ref No SSP089
George Villiers Duke of Buckingham
Ref No SSP090
Thomas Howard
Ref No SSP091
John Hampden
Ref No SSP092
Lieutenant General Lambert
Ref No SSP093
Francis Lord Cottingham,
Ref No SSP094
John Thurlow
Ref No SSP095
Lieutenant General Fleetwood
Ref No SSP096
Henry Duke of Gloucester
Ref No SSP097
Charles Mordaunt  Earl of Peterborough
Ref No SSP098
Edward Prince of Wales
Ref No SSP099
Countess of Clarendon
Ref No SSP100
Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk
Ref No SSP101
Thomas Otway
Ref No SSP102
John Dryden