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Houses -  Pembury Hall

According to Mary Standen –

Built in 1803 and occupied by the Woodgate family for about 170 years.

Badly damaged by fire on 2nd June 1947.


Above:  a portion of the 1840 Tithe Map showing Pembury Hall and the Old St Peter’s Parish Church


Above:  a map of c1900 showing the location of Pembury Hall, just to the west of St Peter’s Old Church


Above:  a postcard image of c1907 showing what is assumed to be the rear of the hall, as there are no doors.


Above: a photograph donated by Graham Chantler of the fire at Pembury Hall

The fire photo shows an additional wing to the right of the building. The central roof has gained a few new chimney stacks.
The rescued yellow sofa is resting on the incline to the right of the lawn – a feature seen in the earlier photo.


Above:  Pembury Hall  (PC010  Melvyn Cole)  Date unknown

Pembury Hall  (PC011 Melvyn Cole)    Date unknown

Above: a photograph donated by Graham Chantler.      Pembury Hall – date unknown.
This image indicates the hall at its largest.  The window count is 5 (left wing), 4 (recess), 2 (right wing).
The count and arrangement of the chimney stacks is more complicated!
Note the roof of the right wing (2 window portion) has different shaded roof tiling, indicating a later extension – or a re-build.


Above: a photograph donated by Graham Chantler.         Pembury Hall – date unknown – assumed recent.
The building looks shorter than shown in the previous picture.


Early commercial and domestic directories indicate the following occupants of Pembury Hall during these dates.

 1882 – 1912    Revd. Reginald Stephen Shaw Woodgate
1913 – 1916    Capt. Jasper Hamilton Davidson-Houston
1916   Major Jasper Hamilton Davidson-Houston
1919   Miss  Le Jeun
1924 – 1938    Major Jasper Hamilton Davidson-Houston
1939 –      no current data – needs investigation.

 Pembury Hall Cottages    –     see this page for photos B035 to B040 donated by Dawn Moore.



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Pembury Hall

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