Pembury History

Old Maps  1820 - 1959

Old Maps of Pembury - 1820-1950

Compiled by Tony Nicholls.  Introduction -  Old Maps Showing Pembury

The following files are maps scanned in by Tony Nicholls.

Pembury Maps – General Maps – 1820 – 1950

These are sections of much larger maps, mostly of the county of Kent.     Click image for enlarged detail.


Title Map – Click to enlarge
Greenwood C1821
Clifford 1825
George Virtue 1829 note the spelling of ‘Summer Hill’ and the dubious hill to the south of Pembury.
Is this Castle Hill in the wrong place?

The environs of Tunbridge Wells in 1830.
Samuel Lewis C1831
C & J Greenwood. C1839
J. Archer C1840. Early railways
Lower Straker 1845
Colbran 1850
Crutchley 1850
J. Emslie C1860. Early railways
Kelly 1862 Post Office map(population of Kent was 733,675)
Cassell c1865.
Cassell c1865.
Early Ordnance Survey. From 1819 to 1892. Plain and boring!Note T.P (Turnpike ?) at Wood Gate and Lower Green.
Land Utilisation 1930-1943

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This page was originally prepared for the general Pembury web site long before the history web site was created.

During its creation and ongoing development the history web site has accumulated many detailed maps of the village, with many specially modified to reflect specific features being described or highlighted. The ‘Localities’ section is rich in detailed maps of specific parts of Pembury.   The ‘Shops & Retail’ section has custom made maps to feature all the old shops and pubs.  The ‘Buildings & Landmarks’ similarly has maps crafted to the topics being featured.

Tony Nicholls   2019


Here is a link to an external, semi-interactive, page demonstrating the migration of Pembury across the countryside –  Link

Old Maps  1850 - 1920
Pembury History

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