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Old Road Maps

Old Maps of Pembury - Road Maps

Compiled by Tony Nicholls.  Introduction -  Old Maps Showing Pembury

The following files are maps scanned in by Tony Nicholls.

Pembury Maps – Road Maps

Tonbridge and Pembury appear on the London to Rye road on all old maps.

Hastings was not a noted destination, so there are no references to ‘London to Hastings’ as a route.

Note that most of these maps have references to milestones, and the distances are deemed to be from London Bridge. The accuracy of the ‘mile’ is unknown, and should be treated with suspicion



Title Map – Click to enlarge
Ogilby C1676
Gents Mag C1740
Owen Bowen C1720
John Hinton 1767
Paterson 1796
Paterson 1796 Complete
Laurie Whittle C1806
Edward Mogg   1814



The data above was originally prepared for the main Pembury web site c2003

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Old Road Maps

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