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Terms, Conditions and Ordering



The price stated in the description is in GB Pounds (Sterling) and does not include Postage, Packing & Insurance.
Typically a price will resemble :  18.00  (+P&P)       This means 18.00  + Postage and Packing fees.

Orders should be placed by email via the link below (see 'Ordering' section)
No automated sales cart here.  No Log-In, Sign-Up or passwords.
And absolutely no follow-up emails or promotional spam.
Real people giving a personal service.

Currently, payment is via a PayPal, UK cheque, UK money order, Western Union,  Electronic Bank Transfer,
or the vast range of credit cards and debit cards handled by PayPal.
You can pay by any of the standard credit and debit cards, via a secure online banking site.  See 'Payment' section for details.
Do not be worried about credit card fraud or identity theft.  None of the payment methods involve you divulging your personal or financial details to this organisation.
Click here for a brief introduction page about internet security and small businesses -  Security Notes

Map and Print Availability
I remove all sold items from the web site as soon as payment is received.  It is fairly safe to assume that if you see an item on the web site that it is still available.
This theory falls flat when two or more people request the same item at the same time.  In the time between requesting and paying for an item, the item is still on display and is not available to a second buyer.

Orders are dealt with on a first-in, first-out basis and are generally dispatched the day after payment - or at the worst - the following day.
Please confirm your intention to purchase.
This reserves the requested item(s) for 48 hours until your firm commitment to purchase or payment has been received.

If after 48 hours you have not communicated such commitment, or intention to pay, the item(s) will be released for general sale.
Upon payment the description of the sales item(s) may be removed from the web site. This may be within hours or possibly days.
If you wish to retain the description, please make a copy prior to payment.


Gather up the Ref No and description of the item or items that you wish to acquire.
Tip: the easiest method is to Copy & Paste the descriptions into a blank document or email form.
In most cases, if the item is listed it is still available.  Sold items are usually deleted within a day of payment.

Method 1:
Press the Orders Form button below to open up the email communications with Mission Control at Past Pages.
Enter your name, email address, and postal address in the boxes provided.
Enter details of the items you wish to purchase in the Details box.   ( ie Ref AZP001, Print, Taj Mahal, 1843)
( It's easy to copy & paste the details into the email - that way there's no mistake in interpretation. )
Press the Submit button to send the email.

Method 2:
Open your own email program and create a fresh mail to
Subject:  Past Pages Enquiry  

Enter your name and address as you would expect to see it on your delivery package.
Open your web browser and locate 
(It's already open if you're reading this on-line)
Navigate to the pages containing your items of interest.
Copy and Paste the descriptions (with or without the thumbnail images) to the email message.
When finished selecting items Send the email.   
You're under no obligation to purchase anything you list here.

As soon as possible I will reply to you with availability,  and total cost including postage.
If you do not receive a reply within a few days, assume your email got lost and try again.
This is not a lame excuse for idleness on my part -  emails do get lost, quite frequently.
( They also get binned by over enthusiastic SPAM  detection filters at servers )
Click here for a layman's guide to how emails traverse the internet:   Email Tutorial

Make a note (or a copy) of the Item Ref No and description -  You will need this for PayPal's description of purchase.
Return to this page and proceed to the Payment section. 
Press the Payment Form button, in the next section, and you will be directed to PayPal for swift and painless payment.
If this is too daunting a prospect, I can arrange to send you a PayPal payment request. This will enable you to use your favourite plastic card just like any ther online transaction.

It is now general knowledge that some installations of Microsoft Vista have a problem with the
standard email 'mailto' form.  If you experience problems using these communications forms please
email direct to the address at the bottom of this page.
For a full explanation of this Microsoft bug visit Wikipedia and search "Windows Mail".


What Happens at Mission Control  -  How I handle things.
1   Assemble a quotation based on your enquiry and send it to you, as quickly as I can.

2   Await your reply with your intention to purchase, along with your preferred means of payment.
3   On your reply, and intention to purchase, place a reservation on your items until payment.
4   Await payment.
5   On payment:   Print Invoice/Delivery Note and delivery address label..
                           Remove items from stock for packing.
                           Edit database and website for removal of sales items.
                           Pack consignment and deliver to Post Office or shipper.
6   Failure at stages 2 or 4  will result in a single reminder, after which I will assume you
     have lost interest, but may return again one day.
Under no circumstances are goods sent out ahead of payment.

Shipment happens on most days at about  9.15am to 9.45am. There are no afternoon shipments.



PayPal  Payment

PayPal  -  The easy way to pay. It's fast.  It's safe and secure for you.   
It's not everyone's choice - alternative methods listed further down.
If you have any of the popular cards (and an ordinary email account) you can pay from most places in the world and in most currencies.  
The PayPal Banking system offers you complete security over your payment. 
PayPal is one of the world's largest banking corporations and is fully regulated.
None of your card details or financial status will be known to Past Pages.
To learn more about PayPal click this PayPal Link

Here's the process:

(1)    Confirm with me (via the Enquiry Form) that the item is still available.
I will send you a confirmation email with the
final payment value in UK Pounds.
(This will include the postage and insurance costs).

(2)    Return to this page and click the Payment Form button below.
This takes you to a page explaining the simple process of payment via PayPal using your regular credit or debit card.
(Check out the Purchase Form without making a payment - just out of curiosity and familiarity)

If you already have a PayPal account it's even easier - no fiddling with the credit card data.
You simply log on to your PayPal account and press the 'Send Money' tab.

PayPal will request 3 snippets of information:
(1)   my Past Pages PayPal account name.
(2)   the amount to send.
(3)   a brief description of the service or sale.

Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account,  you can request me to send you a PayPal invoice for the purchases.
If you plan doing much online purchasing please give some consideration to a PayPal account.

As a second alternative, if you do not have a PayPal account, I can arrange to send you a PayPal payment request.
This will enable you to use you favourite card, just as you would in any other online transaction.
PayPal will step you through the secure payment process.

PayPal will sort out all the currency conversion and notify you of the value in your currency
, before it's debited.
PayPal is one of the largest international banking systems and is fully regulated.
This is the safest and quickest means of settling this kind of payment.


Don't like PayPal?   There are some alternative payment methods:

(1)   British cheque (or check) from a British Bank in (GB pounds) made payable to 'Past Pages'.
Be prepared for a delay in shipment during the cheque clearing period.
(2)   Money Order payable in (GB pounds) accepted by British banks or Post Offices.  
It is your responsibility to ensure that your money order will be accepted, fee free, by British Banks.
(3)   Cash in either   (GB pounds),    Euros   or   US dollars.    
These values will be rounded up to the next convenient note value (ie  33.50 will become 35). 
The exchange rate will be determined by the Universal Currency Exchanger      
You must send cash by a registered and insured postal service that requires a signature at my end - this is for your protection and safety.
(4)   Western Union  Money Transfer.   Only for invoice values over 50.
See Western Union sites for more details:    or
 This process requires you to visit a Western Union agent to make the payment.
You will then notify me of the following 3 vital pieces of information:

(a)  The Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits - no spaces or dashes)
(b) Your first name as recorded at the WU office.
(c) Your last name as recorded at the WU office.
(d)  My name as recorded at the WU office.

This information will be used by me to verify the payment online.
If this checks out online, I can schedule a trip to the WU office to collect the payment.
The online check will verify that the details supplied are correct and I have a payment ready for collection.
If there are errors in this data I will not get a payment OK and I will come back to you for clarification.
Note that the online verification does not specify the amount paid by you or the amount I am due to collect.
The message states something basic like " ... your payment is awaiting collection"
As such, the goods will not be dispatched until full payment has been collected from the WU office.

(5)  Electronic Transfer.  Bank to Bank.  International or domestic.
Very easy but takes 1 - 3 days to filter through.   Electronic Transfer is not instant!
Please enquire for banking details when ordering.

Further details of these payment methods will be forwarded on request with replies to purchase enquiries.

In all cases the goods remain the property of Past Pages until full and final payment is received.

Postage & Packing

This is indicated in the item description as ' (+P&P) '
and indicates the Postage, Packing and Insurance costs.

Click on the button below for the full list of fees to your part of the world.
Click on the button below for details of postal services and tracking.

Most items will be packed in either rigid envelopes with rigid stiffener inserts or rigid cardboard tubes, depending on the size of the item.
The package will contain a  Payment Receipt / Invoice detailing the transaction, along with a guarantee of antique authenticity.
All items will be sent by a 'Signed For' service requiring a signature at the receiver's end.
Items sent outside the EU will carry a customs declaration label indicating 'Document - Printed Paper'.
Follow the 'Shipping Fees' button above for more information on countries requiring Customs forms.

Some very large items requiring very large tubes may incur an additional cost. Any surcharge will be clearly marked in the item's description.

Items will be dispatched from the village Post Office in Pembury, Kent, UK.

Terms and Conditions

Orders are dealt with on a first-in, first-out basis and are generally dispatched within a few days of payment.
Please confirm your intention to purchase.
This reserves the requested item(s) for 48 hours until your firm commitment to purchase or payment has been received.

If after 48 hours you have not communicated such commitment, or intention to pay, the item(s) will be released for general sale.
Upon payment the description of the sales item(s) may be removed from the web site. This may be within hours or possibly days.
If you wish to retain the description, please make a copy prior to payment.

Postage & Shipping
All items are sent by 'Signed For'  Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery or International Signed-For Service. 
Large consignments may be sent by courier ( DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc) at the customer's request and cost.
The cost of such shipments may be determined closer to the time of shipment, rather than time of ordering.
Click here for full details of Postage & Shipping.

Returns Policy
Items may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receipt of the goods.
This is taken from the online postal confirmation of delivery.
The Buyer must be responsible for packing the item to the standard of the original packaging, along with bearing the cost of return postage and insurance.
The refund will be initiated when the goods are safely returned.

When discounts are involved in the initial sale this complicates the issue.
Discounts are given on the basis of quantity purchase and generally the discount is more generous for larger quantity purchase.
Discounts start at consignment quantity of  5 or more items.
Returned items from a discounted quantity purchase will generate the following procedure:
  (1)  A re-calculation of the entire purchase based on the items retained (not returned).
        It will result in a reduction or even the elimination of any
        previously agreed discount.
  (2) A calculation of the value of the returned item(s) based on
        the new discount valuations.
The refund value is entirely at my discretion and will depend on the circumstances at the time.
The rather severe discount clause is to deter hustlers from placing an initial bulk order to obtain an attractive discount and returning half of the quantity for a pro-rata refund.

Holiday Break or Business Shut Down
In the event of taking a break for a few days, or a short vacation, there will be a cessation of operations here at Mission Control.
Emails will return an 'Out Of Office' message explaining the situation.
This page will contain a large notice warning of a holiday break.
Orders and Enquiries will resume as soon as possible. 

Privacy Policy
Information supplied by buyers is held in strict confidentiality and is not disclosed to third parties.  
All details will be deleted from this system on request.
The use of the PayPal banking system ensures that the buyer's financial details are not known to the seller.
Past Pages will never have knowledge of your credit or debit card details.

The Past Pages web site, and its control software, will not place 'cookies' or tracker files on your computer.
This site does use Google Analytics to produce site statistics, hit rates, and other data about site visits, and
Google does place a cookie on your computer to monitor your visit to this site - and this site only.
This is a very common practice these days, and most web sites operate a user statistics utility based on cookies.
From what I can gather, my main statistical benefit from using these cookies, is seeing the proportion of
new visitors to returning visitors.  It's just a  70% - 30% type data for each day, week, year.
You can inhibit cookies from within your browser.  You can also delete all cookies on your computer.
For more general information on this aspect of computer privacy simply Google 'browser cookies'. 
For more specific information on your own condition see the Help section of your internet browser.

You will not be bombarded with promotional emails and spam from Past Pages.
I hate receiving the stuff and will not inflict it on others.

Mission Control

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