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M011   Pembury Children at the Woodsgate Swimming Pool  early – mid 1950s

1   Melvyn Cole      2  Trevor Jarvis       3  Roy Waghorn       4  Barry Grainger        5  Nick Nibbs       6  Ray Lee       7  Nigel Sturgeon       8  Ian Ford       9/10  Vater twins
11  Unknown   12  Unknown   13  Unknown      14 Stuart Gear      15  Leo Sturgeon      16  Dick Kirkham       17  Unknown   18  Unknown     19  Anthea Foot      21  Unkown


M013   Pembury Football Team 1948

Back Row Standing (left to right)
Eric Leach,  Ron Foord,  Bill Coppard,  Peter Cole,  Arthur Cole.
Front Row Sitting (left to right)
Peter Chandler,  Ron Cherritt,  Spot Granger,  Mont Clark,  Jack Deacon,   George Kerwin


M020 to M024 were not residents of Pembury but annual trippers from a school in Wimbledon.

M020   James Gallagher (known as ‘Galley’)

M021   Mary Forbes (left with plats)    Juta Tomkinson (looking directly ahead)

M022    Left to Right  Peter Shilling, Clive Davies, Peter Cakebread,  Robert Lintern.

M023    Diane Mar



P008   Pembury School –   

Front row 2nd from right    Arthur Cole.   All others unknown

P013   Pembury School  c1952

Back Row Left to Right
Jim Hobden,  Melvyn Cole,  Michael Crouch,  David Farley,   Keith Morphett,  Nicholas Drury,   Terry Woods,  Ronald Wiles, David Corbett.
Middle Row Left to Right
Peter Adams,  Richard Evans,  Ian Ford,  Unknown,   Angela Hales,    Melanie Burgess,  Graham Chantler,  David Tolhurst,  David Skinner.
Front Row Left to Right   Gillian Murphy,  Unknown,   Unknown,  Rosemary Smith,  Roseland Stugeon,  Unknown,  Jean Young,  Bruce Rupe, Malcome Smith.

P014   Pembury School  late 1920s    Back Row, End Right   Joan Cole

PO16  Pembury School  1954

Very Back Row, Left to Right   Mr.Beynon – Mr Linburn
Back Row Left to Right   Melvyn Cole,  Jim Hobden,   Graham Chantler,    Michael Morphett,  Jeff Brockelsby,  David Wooden,   Barry Hoath
Front Row Left to Right    Barry Grainger,   Robert Lee,   Peter Adams,  Ian Ford,   David Corbett.

PO17  Pippins Farm  c1943

Left Front   Bronwen Cole,   Melvyn Cole,   Violet Cole
Far Right    Mrs Horton

PO20   The Young Family

Back Row Left to Right  Ambrose Young,  Emily Leticia Young,   Violet Young
Front Row Left to Right  Arthur Young,   Mable Young,   Emma Young


P021   Pembury Football Club c1950s

Back Row Standing (left to right) 18 men
Ron Foord, Jack Armstrong,  Jim Frances,  Richard Waterman,  Ron Perryman,  John Boakes,  Mick Waterman,   ? Collins,  Keith Foord,  Phil Chapman,
Bill Coppard,  Reg Porter,  Jack Deacon,   Malcolm Balderstone,   Gordon Barnet,  Unknown,  Mick Hatch,  Mick Shave.
Front Row Kneeling (left to right) 10 men
Pete Saunders, John Hartley,  Melvyn Cole,  Gordon Francis,  Barry Granger,  Peter Adams,  Doug Drury,  Derek Williams,  Michael Twort,  Hugh Boorman.


P022  Pembury Football Club    late 1940s – early 1950s

Back Row Standing (left to right)
Arthur Latter,  Les Chandler,  Bill Coppard,  Unknown,  Jack Armstrong
Middle Row Standing (left to right)
Spot Grainger,  Unknown,   Bert Kemp,   Unknown,  Unknown,   ? Ackhurst,   Unknown,   Unknown,  Des Malthouse,  Arthur Cole
Front Row Sitting (left to right)
Peter Chandler,  Eric Leach,  Ron Foord,,  Mony Clark,  Peter Cole,  Jack Deacon,  Unknown,  George Kerwin.


P023   Pembury Second Team    c1960s

Back Row Standing (left to right)
Doug Drury,  Unknown,  Gordon Barnett,  Mick Hatch,   Malcolm Balderstone,  Unknown
Front Row Kneeling (left to right)
Peter Adams,  Dennis Cole ?,   Hughie Boorman,  Mick Shave,  Derek Williams


P024   Pembury Lads  c1956

Back Row Standing (left to right)
Johnny Wooden,  Dirk Kirkham,  Jim Francis,  Barry Sturgeon,  John Henley,   Brian Midmore.
Front Row Kneeling (left to right)
Keith Foord,  Les Vousden,  Gorden Barnet,   Derek “Barlow” Reeves


P025   Pembury School   c1951

Back Row Standing (left to right)
Richard Noakes,  Unknown,  Marjorie Jenner,  Joahn Boakes,  Grace Peckham,  Ronald Woods,  Richard Crouch
Middle Row (left to right)
Unknown,   John Stevens,   John Adams,  Norman Smith,   Derek Gabby,   Douglas Jackson
Front Row Sitting (left to right)
Jaqueline Gorringe,   Joyce Tapp,   Judith Farley,  Daphne Watson,  Rosemary Taverner,   Jean Burley


P026  Pembury Ventures  c1949

1  Mrs Johnson/Hudson (married twice)         2  Jean Tolhurst      3  Shirley Chantler       4   Rita Tolhurst     5 Hazel Horne    6  Stella Sturgeon
7  Mary Wickenden       8  Winnie Figgett       9  Pauline Sturgeon     10  Margaret Francis       11   Maureen Stevens       12  Sandra Eldrett
13  Jean Young      14 Maureen Rushant        15  Valerie Fry        16  Janet Sturgeon     17  Yvonne Perkins      18  Jean Fuller     19  Joyce Figgett
20  Pauline Stevenson      21 Heather Hersey      22  Jill Drury        23  Rita Young        24  Rosemary Taverner      25  Sylvia Jury      26  Anita Wheeler
27  Peggy Brown      28  Rosemary Groves       29  Sheila Rice       30  Trina Larkin      31 Gillian Murphy     32  Roslyn Sturgeon     33  Rosemary Figgett
34  Eileen Brown      35  Wendy Corbett        36  Janet Murphy     37  Pauline Rice



P030  Pembury Institute Social  c1951

1  Bronwen Cole           2   Madge Granger        3  Joan Hoath      4  Millie Kemp       5   Pam Addison       6  Rosemary Taverner      7  Eileen Flynn
8   Sheila Woods          9  Ann Shave                10   Mavis Dallimore        11  Ray Kemp          12    Keith Foord          13   Peter Flynn
14   Mary Murtagh      15  Pauline Dallimore        16  Carol Dorrington        17  Malcolm Dorrington       18  Rosemary Figgett       19  Gordon Francis
20  Frank Wickenden        21  Jim Francis        22  Mick Shave


P031   Pembury Cricket Club  1930s

Back Row  Left to Right   
Unknown,  Arthur Cole,  Unknown,   Unknown,  Arthur Penn,  Unknown,  Jack Lucus
Front Row  Left to Right   
Unknown,  Unknown,  Sam Standing,  Ken Grainger
Sitting on Ground –


P033  Pembury British Legion  Tuft Club  1954

Back Row  Left to Right 
David Taylor,  Brian Killick,  Roger Sage,  Tommy Bran,  Sam Standing,  Dick Liniger,  Arthur Balderstone
Front Row  Left to Right 
Len Brown,  Arthur Penn,  Arthur Cole,  Roger Maguire,  Phillip Sprackling


P034   British Legion  Tuft Club

Back Row  Left to Right –
Roger Sage,  Sam Standing,  Jim Poile,  Len Brown,   Dick Liniger,  Ted Giggett
Front Row  Left to Right 
Phillip Sprackling,  Arthur Penn,  Arthur Cole,  Tommy Bran,  Brian Killick


P035   Pembury Cricket Club   1940s

Back Row  Left to Right
Tommy Bran, Unknown,   Unknown,   Unknown,  Frank Wallis,  Jack Goodsall
Front Row  Left to Right 
Ken Grainger,   Paddy Nichols,  Arthur Cole,  Peter Chandler,  Unknown,  Les Chandler


P036   Pembury Cricket Club   1950s

Back Row  Left to Right
Les Chandler,  Peter Chandler,  Unknown,   Unknown,  Sam Standing,  Jack Hotham,   Reg Porter
Front Row  Left to Right 
Paddy Nichols,  Arthur Cole,  Tommy Bran,  Unknown,   ? Gordon,  Frank Wallis


P037   Pembury Cricket Club   1953

Back Row  Left to Right
Les Chandler,  Roy Jenner,   Sam Standing,  Ted Figgett,  Peter Chandler,  Brian Killick,  Ken Grainger, Tommy Bran,  Roger Sage.
Front Row  Left to Right 
Mrs Bran,  Arthur Penn,  Arthur Cole,  Frank Wallis,  David Kemp


P038   Pembury Cricket Club   1950s

Back Row  Left to Right
Dave Kemp,  Terry Killick,  John Boakes,  Walley Meakins,  Malcome Balderstone, Dick Crouch,  Reg Porter.
Middle Row  Left to Right 
Melvyn Cole,  Les Bowman,  Ken Grainger,  Peter Adams,  Keith Weddle.
Front Row (sitting)  Left to Right
Ray Kemp,  Peter Chandler


P039   Pembury Cricket Club   1950s

Back Row  Left to Right
Phil Sprackling,  Bert Kemp,  Ron Foord,  John Boakes,  Sam Standing,  Reg Porter,  Keith Weddle
Front Row  Left to Right 
Ray Kemp,  Arthur Cole,  Arthur Penn,  Peter Chandler,  Ted Figgett.
Boy with cricket bat, end of front row- Hugh Porter        Man with cap in pavilion – Ernie Perryman


P040   Pembury Cricket Club   1960s

Back Row  Left to Right
Ken Grainger,  Melvyn Cole,  Peter Reeves,  Malcome Balderstone,  Reg Porter,   Mick Twort,  Paul Drury
Front Row  Left to Right 
Dave Kemp,   Dick Crouch,  John Boakes,  Peter Adams,  Ron Perryman


P041   Pembury Cricket Club   1963

Back Row  Left to Right
Peter Adams,  Brian Kirkham,  John Boakes,   Ron Perryman,   Malcome Balderstone,   Eric Stockwell
Front Row  Left to Right 
Denis Cole,  Peter Chandler,  Arthur Cole,  Ken Grainger,  Melvyn Cole

P042   Pembury Cricket Club   – Tunbridge Cup

Back Row  Left to Right
Peter Chandler,  Brian Athill,  Colin Barden,  Unknown,   Ron Perryman,   Dick Pipe,   Pete Saunders
Front Row  Left to Right 
Dave Kemp,  Melvyn Cole,  Terry Deacon,  Ray Kemp,  Gerry Room

P043   Pembury Old Boys XI

Back Row  Left to Right
Dick Crouch,  Paul Warman,  Barry Grainger,  Alan Hughes,  John Boakes,  Adrian Bradford,   Alan Moxon,   Dick Pipe
Front Row  Left to Right 
Colin Barden,  Melvyn Cole,  Denis Cole,   Dave Kemp,   Ray Kemp

P044   Pembury Primary Schools  1950

Back Row  Left to Right
Norman Smith,  Fred Littlechild,  Richard Noakes,  Jacqueline Gorringe,  Naomi or Lily Millen,  Keith Foord,  Roy Waghorn,  Norman Sapsford
Back Middle  Left to Right
Barry Sturgeon,  Derek Gabbie,  David Morphett,  Robin Brooks,  Marjorie Jenner,  Valerie Bell,   Hamilton Woods,  Ronald Wood,  Reg Akehurst
Front Row  Left to Right
Ann Sister,  Rosemary Taverner,  Jimmy Rintoll,  John Wooden,  Douglas Jackson,  Dick Kirkham,  Richard Crouch,  Jean Burley,  Unknown

P045  Pembury Football Club Dinner 1957-58

Top Table (Left to Right) –
Unknown,  Eddie Cook,  Charlie Francis,  Lil Francis, (A Waiter),  Ron Foord,  Jenny Foord,   Mick Hatch,  Jean Latter
Left Hand Table Left Side (Front up to Top Table) –
Unknown, Unknown, Mrs Cook, Mr Cook, Brian Fry, Mrs Fry, Erica’s Friend (Unknown), Erica Williamson, Bertha Williamson, Ted Williamson
Opposite Side Left Hand Table (Front up to Top Table) –
Tubby Turner (?),  Edward Figgett,  Sheila Rice,  Les Palmer,  John Boakes, Gerald Sturgeon, Brian Killick,  Millie Kemp(?),  Unknown,   Jo Maynard,  Barry Sturgeon (?),  David Kemp
Right Hand Table Left Side (Front up to Top Table) –
Keith Foord,  John Henley,  Ray Kemp,  Doug Drury,  June Cook,  Bill Cook,  Jim Francis,  Judy Rees,  John Smith, Margaret Francis,  Gordon Francis (?)
Right Hand Table Right Side (Front up to Top Table) –
Unknown,   Derek (Barlow) Reeves,   Les Vousden,   John Wooden,   Dick Kirkham

P048  Minter Family

Left to Right –  unknown,  Jessie & Thomas Minter,  Stella Minter

P049  Minter Family

Left to Right –  Jessie & Thomas Minter,  unknown,  Stella Minter,  unknown




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