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The map below indicates the locations of the premises detailed in the main information table.
Each location entry lists the businesses occupying that site.
The lists run in chronological order – latest at the top, and oldest at the bottom.
Dates are given if known to be accurate,  with a ‘c’ if approximate, and  ‘????’  if unknown.
References are given to indicate the origin of the information.
Abbreviations are detailed at the bottom of the page.
Personal contributions are acknowledged by initials and shown in full at the bottom of the page.


Possible error with Rogers & Fuller occupying same premises?>

 50 72 Lower Green Road

Post Office & General Store   (pre1882 – 2005)
Original ground floor building demolished for domestic garden c2010.

A.C. King    grocer & Post Office  72 Lower Gn Rd   1965, 1970, 1974  Kelly’s Dir
King’s  Post Office & Off-License  (1966)     Pembury Parish Guide 1966
C.H. Read     grocer & Post Office  72 Lower Gn Rd   1959  Kelly’s Dir

Beeching Stores    grocer & Post Office  72 Lower Gn Rd   1934  Kelly’s Dir
Beeching    General Store  (1922) Post Office sign on lower wall.   From Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p59
Postmaster 1914 Henry Beeching   (Kelly’s 1903, 1904, 1914, 1916, 1919, 1927)
H. Beeching    Grocer & Draper , Lower Green  –  Kelly’s Directory  1882, 1899 listing  
Official Post Office History:

Pembury Lower Green PO: established 1887 under Tunbridge Wells;
became a Money Order & Savings Bank on 1/7/1890,   closed 21/1/2005. 
Courtesy of  Robin Sampson,  The British Postal Museum & Archive.

 51 216 Henwood Green Road

Royal Oak     Public House   (???? – 2013)
See Pembury Pubs page for more detail.

 52  approx 170 Henwood Green Road

Wood   Butcher   (c1908)     From Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p34
Charles Wood, butcher,  Lower Green    1912 Kelly’s Dir
The picture on p34 needs to be analysed to determine Wood’s location in Henwood Green Road.
To the right of the 5 children is a block of wooden clad houses set back behind a fence.
The furthest house in this block is assumed to be No 172.
The first of the next block, standing forward on the street is taken to be No174
The block of houses in the middle distance is no longer there and taken to be on the site of the doctors’ surgery car park.
This is Slate Row.
The gable end of the building in the far distance is taken to be the side of the Royal Oak.
In 2013 the alignment and siting of these buildings matches the 1908 photograph.
From this standpoint C. Wood is thought to be at No 170 or possibly 168 Henwood Green Road.

 53 186 Henwood Green Road.The map shows No 53 as the building occupied as the Waterfield House surgery.
The intention is to describe the whole plot occupied by the surgery and its car park, including the demolished Slate Row.

Waterfield House  Doctor Surgery   (1989 – current)

Dr A.J. Cameron     (???? – 2018)
Dr R.J. Justice   (???? – current)
Dr P.M. Lautch     (???? – 2020)
Dr J.S O’Neill     (???? – current)

Waterfield House named after Dr Dorrit Waterfield in practice in Pembury for over 50 years. Died April 1982.
Dr Waterfield’s surgery previously at 40 Lower Green Road  (PVN Issue 140)  Kelly’s Dir 1959  – 1974
Dr Waterfield’s surgery previously at ‘Kenmore’ Lower Green Road     Kelly’s Dir  1955
Dr Waterfield’s surgery previously at ‘Sheen’ Hastings Road     Kelly’s Dir  1931 – 1950
..     ‘Sheen’ location is identified as 123-125 Hastings Road.  See ‘Houses’ page – main list.
..     .Sheen surgery shared with dentist Reginald Warrener from 1933 (Kelly’s).

..     Dr Raymond Chapman – c1937 – 1948 (Kelly’s) at Mulberry House, Hastings Road.
..     Location Map      Coloured areas indicate the locations of surgery and waiting room. (JH)
..     Practice taken over by Dr Arthur Loden,  Sunhill House,   High St   Kelly’s Dir 1955
..     Reference article in PVN 137 page19

The other G.P. found in Pembury, not at this site, is Dr B. Singh of 59 Lower Green Road.
PVN 112 of 2002 claims 59 Lower Gn Rd as a former surgery.
Dr Singh possibly practiced between 1982 – 1989.  Needs verification.

Archive Pembury Village News issues 33, 34 and others cover Dr Waterfield’s death.

214 Henwood Green Road  ( as Slate Row )
See item 52 for more details of the building on the site of the car park.  See Lower Green Maps for greater detail
Site of ‘Slate Row’, a set of 4 terraced houses used as shops and business activities.
Clarks – Butcher (????)      PVN Issue 101 2000    D.L. Edmonson  Looking Back
          Ron & Yvonne Clark     Pre 1958 – 1966   (KI)
Clark & Sons  Butcher     Pembury Parish Guide 1966                1955, 1959, 1974  Kelly’s Dir
Clark & Son  Purveyors of Finest Meat  214 Henwood Green Road     (WISB  1965)

Alfred Clark,  shopkeeper, Lower Green  1912  Kelly’s Dir   (only by association with Clark & Son at this location)
Spurrells – Electrician (????)      PVN Issue 101 2000    D.L. Edmonson  Looking BackPembury in the Past – PVN Issues 84/85 (Pembury Library) indicates that the building standing on the site of the doctors’ surgery was known as Slate Row.
The house numbering in this area is a bit strange. From 184 to the Royal Oak (216) we have 186 – 214.
186 is taken by the surgery. 214 was known as the butcher next to the Royal Oak. This leaves 8 free even numbers.


Issue 37 of the Pembury Village News 1983 shows the intended Supermarket at Lower Green.
The application was refused and the site later used for the Waterfield House Surgery.
See archived Pembury Village News issues 37 to 45 for the full story.


 54 132 Henwood Green Road

Pembury Grill & Kebab centre – Fast Food   (???? – 2013)
General store  (c2000)
Betts  Licensed Grocer       Pembury Parish Guide 1966         1961, 1963, 1965, 1970  Kelly’s Dir
D.W. Betts  Grocer, Provisions, Beer, Wine, Spirits   Lower Green    (WISB  1965)
Mr Nurden – Sweets, tobacco & beer   PVN Issues 84/85  1995 – Pembury Library
A.W. Cross   grocer  132 Henwood Gn        Kelly’s Directory 1959
William Nurden – Beer Retailer      Kelly’s Directory 1911, 1912,  1914

 55 124 Henwood Green Road

Greengrocer   (????)
Pembury Florists   122-124 Henwood Green Rd     (Outlook  1991 – 1993)
Aaron Flowers  124 Henwood Green Road     Aaron Flowers     PVN Issue 56  1989 – Pembury Library
Derek & Daphne Betts  Florists & Greengrocers  124/126 Henwood Green Road     PVN Issue 17  1978 
G.H. Baker  Henwood Stores  124-126 Henwood Green Road   (WISB  1965)
Miss G. Baker  fruiter   124/126 Henwood Gn Rd    1961, 1965, 1972, 1974  Kelly’s Dir

 56 122 – 126 Henwood Green Road

Pembury Village Stores  (2011? – current)
Speaight’s Butcher   Peter Speaight ( also seen as Speight)    122 Henwood Green Road.    (???? – c2010?)
P & M Speaight  Family Butcher   (Outlook 1991 – 1993)
F. Fuller  Butcher   122 Henwood Green Road    (WISB  1965)
F.C.S. Fuller   butcher    122 Henwood Gn Rd    1955, 1961, 1965, 1970, 1972   Kelly’s Dir
A. Rogers (Butchers) Ltd     butcher    122 Henwood Gn Rd    1959 Kelly’s Dir
A. Rogers (Butchers) Ltd butcher     Henwood Gn Rd    1955 Kelly’s Dir
Possible error with Rogers & Fuller at same address, same time ?
?? George Russell, butcher , Lower Green (no specific address)  1924 – 1948 Kelly’s Dir


 57 81 & 83 Henwood Green Road

A small block of houses centred around Nos 81 & 83 Henwood Green Road used as small shops.
No 81 subdivided for 81 & 81a.     No 81a carries a tiled nameplate – “The Old Bakery”
Video Inn  81 Henwood Green Road     PVN Issue 56  1989 – Pembury Library :-
….……...advertising videos, newspapers, sweets, groceries, cigarettes.

B.A. Groves  grocer  81 Henwood Gn Rd    1972, 1974  Kelly’s Dir
Wiseways     Meat, Bread, Groceries     81 Henwood Green Road     PVN Issue 16  1978
D.G. Martin  grocer  81 Henwood Gn Rd    1961, 1963, 1965, 1968  Kelly’s Dir
Turner   Grocer  (c1908)    From Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p34
The photo on page 34 describes Turner in his white apron outside his grocer’s shop.
Turner is taken to be on the far left of the picture – maybe on the site of the Library – opposite Waterfield House.
This is not to be mistaken for the gent in an white apron outside Wood’s butcher’s shop.
A. Turner & Son Ltd     grocer    Lower Gn Rd    1927, 1934, 1937,  1940,  1948, 1950, 1955, 1959  Kelly’s Dir
Mrs Turner  grocer  Lower Green   1924  Kelly’s Dir   (Wife of Alfred Turner ? )
Alfred Turner  –  Grocer,  Lower Gn.  –   Kelly’s Directory of 1911, 1914, 1916, 1919
This photo shows Alfred Turner’s shop in Henwood Green Road – date unknown.
Rex Turner  (????)      PVN Issue 101   2000  D.L. Edmonson  Looking Back.
This refers to Turner being ‘opposite’ the site of Waterfield House.
Rex Turner, grocer, Henwwod Green Rd.    (????)      PVN Issue 61   1990   Pembury Library.

 58 Forge at Lower Green     From Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p35

Described as being on the site of the library’s car park.  Old OS maps confirm this.
See Lower Green Maps for greater detail
Kelly’s Directory of 1914 entries –

Edward Drury –  Wheelwright, Lower Green    Photo – Mary Standen’s  Old Picture Postcards  p61
Albert Eaton – Blacksmith, Lower Green
Stephen Edwards – Blacksmith,  Lower Green

Edward Drury   wheelwright   Lower Gn.    1899, 1904, 1916, 1919   Kelly’s  Dir
Albert Eaton   blacksmith    Lower Gn     1899, , 1904, 1911  Kelly’s Dir
Mrs Albert Eaton   blacksmith  Lower Gn   1916   Kelly’s Dir
George Waghorn & Sons  blacksmiths   Lower Green    1927  Kelly’s Dir   Spelling different to later Waghorne
George Waghorn   sexton (verger,  parish clerk,  church officer )  Lower Green    1911, 1916, 1919, 1924  Kelly’s Dir
George Waghorn   farrier, general smith & wheelwright     Lower Green    1919, 1924  Kelly’s Dir

Mary Standen in Pembury in the Past, p5, refers to blacksmith’s house in bottom picture.
The ‘Smithy’ location is usually shown as a collection of 3 buildings, marked on the map above as A, B, C.
The building referred to in the photo must be ‘A’, placing the forge and blacksmith workshops as buildings B & C.
Jack Standen, writing in the 1966 Parish Guide – page 9, refers to the 3 buildings as the Forge, Smithy’s House and Wheelwright’s Shop.

59 Shop in Church Road (maybe 49)

Tobacconist, Confectioner, General Store  (BR) (MG)
Sidney Withers   Gimble Mead Stores   Church Rd    1959, 1955, 1963, 1965, 1970, 1972, 1974  Kelly’s Dir
J.F. Withers   grocer   Church Rd    1950   Kelly’s Dir
Matthew Ogle     grocer   Church Rd    1948  Kelly’s Dir
Betts (???)   Same Betts or related, as in Item 54 (132 Henwood Gn Rd)?   Same as Item 01 (No2 High St)?
Albert Logsdon     grocer   Church Rd    1940  Kelly’s Dir
E.H. Slowgrove     grocer   Church Rd    1937  Kelly’s Dir

60  40 Lower Green Road

Dorrit Waterhouse   Physician (surgery)     40 Lower Green Rd     1959, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1974   Kelly’s Dir
Dorrit Waterhouse   Physician (surgery)      Kenmore, Lower Gn    1955   Kelly’s Dir
Previously at  ‘Sheen’  Hastings Rd            1933, 1950   Kelly’s Dir


 Unresolved shopkeepers – help needed

J.H. Baggesen,   nurseryman, Stone Court Nurseries, Lower Green   1963 Kelly’s Dir

Frank Barrow   shopkeeper     Lower Green   1904  Kelly’s Dir
A. Birch   confectioner     2 Rose Cottage  Lower Green    1938, 1948   Kelly’s Dir
Miss A. Birch  confectioner    Lower Green Rd   1937,  1940, 1950   Kelly’s Dir
James Birch   bootmaker  Lower Gn      1899, 1904  Kelly’s Dir
British Road Services (depot)    Henwood Gn Rd    1955  Kelly’s Dir
N Burton Jn   butcher   Lower Green Rd    1934  Kelly’s Dir
Harold Chapman   butcher     Lower Gn Rd      1899 Kelly’s Dir
Mrs Eva Mary Chatfield   laundress  Lower Green   1919  Kelly’s Dir
Cyril Collison  boot repairer    34 Elmhurst Ave   Lower Green Rd    1934  Kelly’s Dir
William Cornwell   grocer  Lower Green    1924  Kelly’s Dir
Stephen Waters Edwards  boot maker   Lower Gn   1916, 1919    Kelly’s Dir
G.T.  Ellis    grocer   Lower Gn     1899  Kelly’s Dir
George Ellis  Potato Salesman  1904, 1916, 1919 Kelly’s
Mrs Ellis   potato dealer   1924  Kelly’s Dir
Mrs E.H. Ellis  confectioner    Lower Green Rd    1927, 1934  Kelly’s Dir
Frank Fairbrother   butcher   Lower Green   1911  Kelly’s Dir
E.G. Green & Son,  panel beaters & welders   Digbate House, 210 Henwood Green Rd    1969-70  Kent Trade Guide
George Jarvis  coal merchant,  Lower Green    1924  Kelly’s Dir
Frederick Kates    grocer    Lower Green Rd    1934  Kelly’s Dir
Percy T. Kenwright   grocer   Lower Green Rd    1940  Kelly’s Dir     See Pubs Page – Swiss Cottage
Lamberts (H.D. Vinson)   grocers  Lower Gn Rd    1937, 1938  Kelly’s Dir
Miss R.E.G. Nash   midwife   Lower Green   1924 Kelly’s Dir
Norman K. Lyn   butcher   Lower Green   1950  Kelly’s Dir
George Page  fishmonger  Henwood Green Rd    1948  Kelly’s Dir
Jas. Hy. Masters   Tea Rooms  Lower Green    1924   Kelly’s Dir
H. Parks    boot maker & repairer     Lower Gn Rd   1934, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1948, 1959  Kelly’s Dir
Pembury Dairies (George Payne)    Henwood Gn Rd    1955  Kelly’s Dir
Norman Reynolds   grocer    Henwood Gn Rd   1948,  1955  Kelly’s Dir
A. Rogers (Butchers) Ltd    Henwood Gn Rd    1950, 1955  Kelly’s Dir
George Russell    butcher   Lower Gn Rd    1924, 1927, 1937,  1938, 1940  1948 Kelly’s Dir
John Saxby   corn merchant   Lower Green   1924  Kelly’s Dir
John Styles   basketmaker   Lower Gn     1899  Kelly’s Dir        Mrs J. Styles   basketmaker 1904 Kelly’s
R.H. Tompsett    dairyman   Henwood Green Rd    1950  Kelly’s Dir
Mrs Noah Turner   secondhand dealer  Lower Green 1937  Kelly’s Dir
Harry Walker   fishmonger      Lower Gn   1916, 1919    Kelly’s Dir
Mrs Kate Wells  tobacconist   Lower Green Rd    1934  Kelly’s Dir
M. Waghorne Seafood & fishmonger   Lower Grn (32) & High St (88)      1950  Kelly’s Dir   also at Hastings Rd
John Willett   shopkeeper     Lower Green   1904  Kelly’s Dir

Early Telephone Numbers

The Shops Introduction and Reference Page carries a list of known telephone numbers of Pembury shops.
Where a business has changed name, sometimes the telephone number did not.
This may give a clue to continuity of trade at a given address, when the the full address is not obvious.

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 Abbreviations used for data sources and contributors:

PVN        Pembury Village News –  quarterly journal
PVWS     Pembury Village Web Site
WISB      Pembury Women’s Institute Scrap Book 1965
TN          Tony Nicholls
SM         Steve Morton
JC          James Cunningham
HB          Hugh Boorman
BR          Barbara Russell
MP          Michelle Pierce
RS          Rob Sargent
MG         Maggie Godley
MC         Michele Coldwell
JD          Janet Ditchett
JS          Jack Stead
DG         Derek Goodwin
TK          Terry Killick
KI           Ken Isaac
JH          Jill Hickmott

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Retail - Lower Green
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IMPORTANT !!!     This needs your help.  All contributions will be credited.  If you have any further information or corrections please contact me –
Tony Nicholls      email: